You all website owners might know how significant the categories and tags are in a digital marketing journey. This helps your viewers and audience in directing towards your website and its content. They can search for the right content or the content they will see through this. It makes the task or the searching easier for them which makes your site user-friendly for them. 

    With the help of a category, the viewers can easily find the address to the content that they are searching for. That can be wide and drastic which sometimes makes viewers tired so with categories they can do it more easily. Then comes the tag which is helpful for sorting the content for the users and viewers. It gives them the option of filtering the content which makes checking and finding the right content easier. This can get frustrating if a user is on your site for the content and they can’t find it. Maintaining a category and tag can help. 

    These are extremely significant parts of a website and also help in increasing the experience of its visitors and users. After considering all these amazing points which make them worthy there is another factor which makes it difficult that their appearance on the website is not really helpful. The layout of the categories and tags is not rightly optimized for the search engines.

    In this blog, we will explain to you all the things about indexing and noindexing how it is affecting your website and its performance. The wrong effects that it actually brings to your website are bad. It will also ultimately affect your ranking and visibility on search engines. You can use this guide for certain parts of your website. 

    Indexing and Noindexing Issues

    You can find many debates and points related to categories and tags but there is no exact statement that justified that categories and tags affect your website and the performance. But it is also not proved that some sites are getting any use out of creating tags and categories on their website. 

    Ways to noindex categories and tags 

    This blog was to explain to you how to noindex in categories and tags. In this section, you will get to learn that. If you are also thinking of the same. You should join the process and noindex your page. With this guide, you will be able to install the plugin on your website in WordPress and set up the Yoast SEO in it. 

    First, you will have to login into the admin panel of the WordPress website and then direct it towards SEO. Go to titles and meta tags. After this tap on the post types bar and then go below on this page and then you will find the affiliate links. In this you will first have to install it and if it is already done then see the categories noindex bar. Tap on the taxonomies and then assign noindex. This will be done regarding the meta robots for categories. For no indexing tags, you have to assign them to the meta robots tags. The same goes for data-based archives, author archives, link categories, and other settings. Apart from this, you can also use the Bing block URLs tool for faster action. Options like Google removal URLs and XML sitemap are also good. 

    There is a big debate about the categories and tags indexing. They might help the user find the categories or tags for the particular article or content but they do hinder your website’s performance and ranking. It also confuses Google and other search engines and ultimately provides the wrong result. We have explained the entire process of noindexing and suggested some additional tools and software that can be helpful.


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