Many people have websites for various reasons. It is difficult to say that every person starts a website with the motive of earning money. But if you have a successful website and it is doing good, then it makes sense that you start monetizing it. There are many easy ways with which you can start monetizing your blog. Most bloggers take the help of affiliate marketing, which seems like the best and the most beneficial way of earning. Earning from a blog or website is not simple. You have to make a lot of traffic and rank high in order to start meaning front that the people who started their websites or blogs with the sole purpose of earning can struggle a lot. 

    The best and most popular way of earning through blogs or websites is also AdSense. If you own a website or blog for some time or have even the slightest idea about the web world, then you might know about AdSense. It is one of the most used ad networking platforms for websites and blogs. But some people think that it is the only way of earning through ads which are not at all true. There are many various easy ways of earning through ad platforms that are not popular. In this blog we will tell you some of the good options or Adsense alternatives that you can use to monetize your blog:


    The best and most popular alternative of Adsense is It is the product of the company which is behind bing and yahoo so you can understand it’s worth from that itself. The amount of earnings is almost similar to that of AdSense. It can be accessed on all kinds of devices, be it laptops, PC, mobile phones or tablets. It has a similar quality and performance.


    If you own a blogging website and are looking for an alternative to Adsense then you should definitely check out Monumetric. Its features and services are specially designed for bloggers. You can use it for your blog site and they will only show the kind of ads that are relevant to your content. They also make sure that the shown ads are of high quality. 



    AdThrive is an incredible Ad sense alternative because of many reasons. You can start with its way of payout in which they pay their users 75% directly without any issue. This is a guaranteed way of payment. They even have good customer support, so you will get to discuss where the ads should be placed and also related to your payments. 


    If you want to have an alternative to AdSense, which will work with relevance, then InfoLinks should be your choice. They have a process of checking the wyrd and adding the ads. They will find the right keyword from your blog or article and then they will provide the right kind of ad based on that information which has a higher chance of conversion.

    She Media

    She Media front the name itself. You can judge that this ad network is based on women. The alternative of ad sense works in a simple way. They have an ad networking site that is organised by women for women. You can say that the ads and the content are mostly for women. That’s why they have many ads related to that and the name too. 

    Final Thoughts

    In this blog, you got to know some of the most amazing platforms which can be proved to be great alternatives to AdSense. These platforms are not only a great source of monetizing your blog or website through ads, but are also easy to use. You can choose any of these platforms as per your requirements or whichever goes best with your needs.


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