If you want to unlock the full potential of your legal practice. You will have to go beyond traditional methods and choose a law firm billing software. But the main question is which legal billing software is suitable for you or your firm. Because there are various softwares available at different pricing. 

    In this blog we will be comparing the two prominent softwares of the legal industry CaseFox and CARET Legal. Both of these software offers a variety of features and three different pricing plans. If you are already using legal software and want to switch, this blog can be helpful. In this blog, you will find an alternative to CARET Legal that meets your needs. So, keep reading to discover the solution you’re looking for.

    CARET Legal Vs CaseFox

    1. Pricing 

    Pricing is a significant element that can influence the purchasing decision of legal professionals and law firms. Pricing is a crucial consideration for attorneys and law firms when choosing a legal case management software. 

    Small law firms and solo practitioners both usually prioritize cost when choosing a legal practice management software. This is because law firm case management software can impact their finances. Usually the small firms and solo practitioners can’t invest in expensive softwares, they are always looking for affordable options. Pricing is the factor that users can’t unsee during the process of choosing legal software. Below, we will compare the pricing of both CaseFox and CARET Legal. 

    a. CARET Legal Pricing 

    CARET legal offers three different pricing plans. The first plan that CARET Legal offers is Enterprise, this plan is for $79 per user/month. Users can get features like document management, task management, legal calendaring, etc. Users can schedule a demo before they decide to choose this plan.  

    Next plan that CARET Legal offers is Enterprise plus. This plan offers all the features that are available in the Enterprise plan. But there are some additional features too, such as custom permissions and advanced document management. This plan cost around $89 per user/month. The last plan that CARET Legal offers is an enterprise advance. This plan cost  $139 per user/month. It can be expensive for a lot of firms and legal professionals. Apart from the features that you get in Enterprise and Enterprise plus, it offers some additional features too. These features include premium 24/7 support and advanced document automation powered by HotDocs. 

    b. CaseFox Pricing 

    There are three price tiers for CaseFox: Solo, Pro, and Enterprise. The free Solo plan is available for solo practitioners who don’t have much caseload. This solo plan has a variety of features and benefits that are also available in other plans of CaseFox. CaseFox is the only free legal billing software. 

    This solo plan can be a good choice for lawyers who are just getting started with legal billing software. The only limitation of this plan is it only allows users to add just 4 cases at a time. But if your caseload increases, you can switch to another plan that CaseFox provides. Depending on the features and user count, CaseFox offers more plans that can suit your needs. You can also leverage the free plan of CaseFox for testing its features and functionality.

    The next popular plan that CaseFox offers is its Pro plan. This plan includes a variety of features, such as free SMS timekeeping, unlimited cases/matters to work on. Not just this plan also offers a customer intake form that lets you create a seamless client onboarding process. With CaseFox pro plan, you can generate invoices in bulk that too in multiple languages. 

    CaseFox also has a very useful client portal feature that acts as an efficient communication channel. The client portal allows seamless communication and online payment between lawyers and their clients. The plan of this cost is US$39 per user/per month. 

    CaseFox also offers enterprise plans. This plan is suitable for large firms with complex needs. The best part about CaseFox’s enterprise plan is that it offers flexibility and customization. This means users can customize the features that they require and they will have to pay for those features. There is no fixed pricing for enterprise plans.

    When it comes to pricing, CARET Legal is expensive in comparison to CaseFox. But it offers features similar to CaseFox. If you are looking for an affordable CARET Legal alternative, CaseFox is a great option for you.

    2. Customer Service 

    After pricing customer service is the feature that most of the legal professionals prioritize. With robust customer support, any legal practice management software can stand out in the industry. You can find numbers of legal case management software, but not all of them offer robust customer service. We will compare the customer service of both the law practice management software: CaseFox and CARET Legal, below. 

    a. CARET Legal Customer Service 

    CARET Legal offers customer support to all its users through different channels. But if you are using their Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plan, then you will get customer support during business hours. But if you are an Enterprise advance user, you can get support 24*7. Not all plans of CARET Legal offers 24*7 customer support. They will have to switch to Enterprise advance for that, which can be expensive for many users. 

    b. CaseFox Customer Service 

    CaseFox is a legal billing software that understands the importance of powerful customer support. This legal billing software emphasizes offering the top-notch customer service to all its clients. No matter which plan of CaseFox you are using, you will get the best customer service with all its plans. You can receive customer service 24*7. CaseFox offers customer support through different channels, such as live support, chat, message, email, video tutorials, and a knowledge base. Users can opt for the method that is best suitable for them.

    Table Of Comparison 

    Feature CaseFox CARET Legal
    Interface The CaseFox offers a simple user interface, which enables it to run faster and smoothly. The interface of CARET Legal is a bit complex. It takes more time in loading and functioning. 
    Email CaseFox offers robust integration with email. Users can efficiently communicate, share bills and invoice through it. The email integration of CARET Legal is inefficient. A lot of users face issues with it. 
    Conflict Tracking CaseFox offers a powerful conflict check feature that enables lawyers to run quick conflict checks. This helps them safeguard the interest of their clients. Unfortunately, the conflict check feature is not available with CARET Legal. 
    Document Management & Storage  CaseFox offers a robust document management feature. This feature allows you to easily create and store documents. Creating and saving new documents are a little difficult. The document management feature is less intuitive. 
    Data Migration CaseFox offers seamless data migration that makes the whole process efficient. CARET Legal’s data migration service is not the best according to various users.

    The Bottom Line 

    CaseFox and CARET Legal both are powerful case management systems offering unique features and benefits. But choosing the right platform between these legal billing software will depend on your firm or solo needs and preference. If your priority is a legal billing software, that is easy to use and manage. A software that is cost effective offers efficient time tracking and seamless billing. Then CaseFox is an excellent choice for your firm. This comprehensive software is everything that you need. On the other hand, if you have a budget to invest in a software that offers almost similar features. But at a higher price, you can get CARET Legal.


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