Marketing is a term that means promoting your brand. When you make this process on digital platforms, then that is known as digital marketing. It is a prime source of promotion for sales and marketing currently, especially considering the current scenario of a pandemic. It has become extremely difficult to manage the traditional way of marketing. Digital marketing is not a new term but in the past few years, it has gained significance in regular business as well. Any normal that you watch on any kind of screen is considered digital marketing. 

    Different Components Of Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing is surely a simple concept, but it has a lot of components that you must know. These components are the reason that digital marketing has its significance in the marketing field. Let’s see:

    Pay Per Click

    The most popular form of showing ads for spreading the brand name which is used by newbies is PPC, pay per click. It is a paid form of digital marketing. Some of the website owners do not go for it because they don’t find it organic and consider it expensive. But it is surely a significant component which can give quicker results. 

    Content marketing

    The most entertaining form of digital marketing is content marketing. In this, you promote your business through relevant content creation. This keeps your audience engaged with your brand or product. 

    Affiliate Marketing

    The most preferred form of digital marketing among bloggers and content writers is affiliate marketing. In this, you can post a link to the product of some other business or website that you are promoting. Every time someone buys through your link, you can earn a commission over that. 

    Search Engine Optimization

    Anyone who has even the minute details about the digital knows SEO which is search engine optimization. It is the most basic form of digital marketing and also the most popular one. It is considered an organic method for promoting your brand name. 

    Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing is the digital marketing component that is used mostly for promoting on the social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. 

    Email Marketing

    You might have heard how important it is to have your email list. Through email, email marketing is done. It is a common and standard form issued by many reputed businesses. 

    Traditional marketing Vs Digital Marketing

    Traditional marketing is the form of marketing that we have been seeing for a long time. It is the original form of marketing that started the promotion of the brand. The pamphlets, hoardings, and banners can be considered as traditional marketing. While digital marketing is using the same promotional tactics but through digital platforms. 

    Why Do You Need Digital Marketing?

    Digital marketing has many components which make it very approachable for marketers. But apart from this, there are many other reasons for using digital marketing:


    Digital marketing is inexpensive and saves a lot in your pocket. It is especially good for newcomers. You will no longer end up spending thousands on hoarding and banners. This demands big expenses as well as a lot of effort. But digital marketing will save your energy and you can perform your task from anywhere. 

    Wider Approach

    Digital platforms are made to make your reach wider. Digital marketing helps you approach even the international audience. We have all seen the high usage of social media platforms and other digital platforms, which cover a wide variety and regions for audiences. 

    Targeted Audience

    With digital marketing, you can focus on your targeted audience rather than spending time on attracting irrelevant audiences. Sometimes you are using traditional marketing and you will focus on everyone. But with digital marketing, there are strategies which will help you in focusing on just the relevant audience from which you can benefit. 

    Higher Conversion Rate

    If you use digital marketing to promote your business, then you can see a high rise in your lead generation and conversion. It is because digital marketing approaches a wide audience. This will give you higher chances of reaching and converting the leads for your business or websites.


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