Writing blogs and articles was always a difficult task. Checking the grammar, proofreading and then editing it. All of this became a daunting task for many writers. In the old times when technology was not available, writers used to edit manually. It took a lot of time and effort which used to consume their whole day. But in the current time, when everything is digital, the process has become a lot simpler and easier. Starting with the tools which are introduced in this decade, making everything a lot faster and more effective. Now, even a webmaster or any businessman is able to maintain a website and write because they are using these tools for the process and editing. One of the most popular tools for writers is Grammarly. 

    Grammarly is the fastest-growing tool for writers. It is an editing tool that has established itself as a legendary option. There’s hardly any website that publishes written content and does not use Grammarly. Though Grammarly is not the only option in the market. There are plenty of other choices with the same functions and features, but none of them could establish themselves as strongly as Grammarly. In this blog, we will explain if Grammarly is worth all the hype it has received. 

    Who can use Grammarly?

    For anyone who is in doubt whether they should use Grammarly or not. Here is the answer to all those questions. In this section, we have included the kind of users who will benefit the most from the Grammarly tool. First, we have to start with the obvious answer which is bloggers and writers who create blogs and articles for the website or any kind of institution will be thrilled with the features of Grammarly. It is incredibly easy to use and you will find many benefits from using it. 

    After running the content through Grammarly you won’t have to be worried about grammar mistakes or writing mistakes. It even checks the content quality. This means that your content will have the right readability, clarity and it won’t be very watery. Content quality and readability also affect the views on your content which is a success for the writers and bloggers. 

    Then comes the next category which is a student. Many people think that using Grammarly is equal to cheating on your test. This automatically corrects your mistakes. But this is not entirely true. Of course, Grammarly helps in writing better in the language and correcting the grammatical and other errors but that does not mean it is cheating, It just helps in making writing more efficient. The better part is that when Grammarly is suggesting changes it does not automatically correct it but give the user choice for correcting it. It also states the level of error so that the user can understand. This ultimately helps in learning from the mistake. 

    Even business owners and website owners can use Grammarly. Some of the new websites cannot afford to hire a professional writer. This creates the situation when the business owners who are also the expert in the subject matter write about the product or service. In that case, they save a lot of costs and can write better with its help. The same is the case with webmasters. They can also create blogs and articles themselves. Though we have stated a few kinds of users of Grammarly there are many more. It is not limited to just these kinds. It can be used by a variety of users and will also help you in writing effectively. 

    Cost of using Grammarly

    Grammarly has a free version but most professional users go for the premium version. So here we are discussing the cost of the premium version of Grammarly. 

    Monthly – If you are going for the monthly plan by Grammarly the. It will cost you $30. 

    Quarterly – When paid quarterly the Grammarly premium costs $60. 

    Annual – The annual plan makes it more affordable because it will offer the annual subscription of premium Grammarly for only $144. 

    Do you need the premium version?

    Now, comes the real talk. You might know by far that Grammarly has fre version. The free version is used by hundreds and thousands of users. But actually the truth is there a few limitations too in the free version. The first one being that it is very basic and lacks the advanced features that the premium version has. It has better suggestions and will make your writing more effective. But if you already are good in the language and are not working too hard on the language then you can definitely go for the free one. 

    Multiple device usability option

    Grammarly is a very flexible tool that can be used at any time from anywhere.it is a true definition of accessibility. You can use this tool on any kind of device. It provides access on a mobile phone, desktop, or laptop. For someone who doesn’t know you can also use it through the chrome extension which is our preferred choice. 

    Free version and the affordable plan

    Grammarly is mostly famous for this free version. It has established its popularity because it provides access to everyone who needs an editing tool. It is a boon to the newbies. Its free version is very helpful and can be satisfying for beginners. To get better results it’s advised to shift to the Grammarly Premium with more advanced options and features. 


    If you have just started your journey for writing or publishing, then it is obvious that your interaction with the editing tools might be very low. But using Grammarly is so easy that even a kid from school can access it. It is also used by many students to edit their assignments. It helps in making the grammar correct and the work better. You can use it very easily from the start. It is not rocket science.

    Improves your grammar and proofreading skills

    Anyone who has deep knowledge of the subject but needs an editing tool for making the language command better needs to improve their basic skill for language. If you are using Grammarly, then it will definitely improve your language usage with every use. You will be able to make improvements in the editing in the manual form as well. 

    Final Words

    Grammarly is definitely a popular tool and the above blog proves it. You can find many other tools and software which can help in editing and proofreading but it is difficult to find one which can be as flexible, effective and easy to use as Grammarly is. It has both free and premium versions which make using it a lot more accessible for the users who have just begun writing and need something which won’t require a lot of investment. Hands down Grammarly is worth it for all the hype it has received. No matter if you know how to use software tools for editing you will still find Grammarly easy to use. 


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