If you are searching for a backlink checker tool that will provide you the link just by entering the domain name then you have landed on the right page. In this article, we will enlist some of the best backlink checker tools for you. 

    Earlier people used to get their websites ranked with the help of the backlink. But this is not the scenario anymore. It is essential that wherever your sites are being ranked they as well have to be a qualifying website. It is also necessary that your link is backlinked by some prominent or legit website. Low-quality sites will only decrease the quality. 

    Moz link explorer

    If your search is for something which is not only beneficial but is also old and influential then you can think of Moz link profiler. It has been in the market for the longest time and has even proven its importance. You can easily compare 2 backlinks you can do here. Though it has a premium version as well which of course has more features and benefits but you can also benefit from the free version. 


    There is no introduction needed for Semrush. It is asking in the SEO and digital market. There are people and users who have been using it forever and never thought of switching. They have a lot of data to do the research which makes their backlinks more robust. With regular checks and updates, they bring the links after a good overview. 


    It is not an old player in this domain. Having been added recently it sure performs well when compared to some of the other checker tools whose existence as well is questionable. You will get detailed and summarised backlinks. Their free version is a helpful tool that lets you check the top 100 at least. 

    Open link profiler

    Open link profiler is a free link checker which is why it takes many users’ attention. It is used extensively by users who do not want to invest anything for now and need the right results. It lets you get 1000 backlinks which are the latest. 

    Link miner

    For anyone who likes many more features when using an application or tool then you need to check this out. Link miner does its research well and provides all the essential details and also checks the robustness of the link. It lets you mark the backlinks with types and structure. Even if you want to check the oldest and latest they help their user with that.

    Reasons to use a backlink checker

    As I explained in the last paragraph, backlinks can help your website in ranking higher on the google search results. This was a trick used by many people to rank their site. It was one of the most prominent ways. But things are different now because Google has changed its algorithm for these things. 

    If you need to rank your website you would want to do this as well. But there are more to these backlinks now. If you are thinking of creating backlinks then you must note that it is more important that you focus on the dofollow backlinks. Those are more helpful and are preferred by Google itself. This brings up the importance of your site and domain. 

    To Conclude

    With this article, we have tried to bring to you some of the best backlink checker tools. This will ease your process and give you more time for creating content than on creating backlinks. There are many backlink checker tools available but these are our favorites and we have researched these for your recommendation.


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