Are you wondering how you can remove the outdated content from your website? Well, this is the right page where you will get to know about the removal of content from the page with two methods that are easy and simple to apply. Let’s start.

    Reasons to remove the content 

    Though it’s your website and page so you should be able to remove it at any time there are still certain guidelines. You shouldn’t be using the tool of Google in every case. There are a few circumstances or situations where it is advised to use the tool to remove the outdated content from Google. In this section, we will be discussing those reasons here. 

    The first is that the content that you have published is displayed on someone else’s site. If you don’t own that website then it is right that you are removing the content. Also, the data that is mentioned in that content is not relevant anymore either in the context of the topic or about your brand. And in the case where this website is owned by you then you can request Google to hide this page from your website. Or they can recrawl the content from the page. 

    This will help you in successfully removing the outdated content from Google. Also when you have already removed the media like images and videos from the content then it is also advised to remove the outdated content tool. If the current version or current scenario regarding the media file has also been changed then you can remove the content. 

    Reason to not remove the content

    Now that we have seen the reason which requires you to remove the outdated content from Google. Now it’s time for you to also check the reasons which will have you keep the content on the page. Though you might be willing to remove the content, there are times when you should reconsider removing it. This can be useful for you maybe now but in the near future. The one reason is that you are the owner of the page. Not being an owner of the web page can be a reason to remove the content. But if you own the page then there is no point in removing the outdated content from Google. Even when you are considering the removal make sure that the content is actually outdated. Do not take action before checking correctly. If your content is bringing in traffic to your website and it still serves the purpose for which it was sorted in the first place then avoid removing it. 

    Method one to remove the outdated page from your website

    It is not a difficult task to remove the outdated page from your website, but if you do it from time to time, it can bring a lot of good changes to your website. In this section, we will discuss the step in which you will remove the outdated page from the website. 

    For the first step, you have to reach the Google search console, which has a removal tool. On this tool, you will find a box. In this box, you have to insert the URL of the page that you want to remove or even of the content. Once you have pasted the URL or typed it in then you have to tap on the tab which says request removal. 

    When you have done the previous step then it is time when the tool will analyze your request. It will also observe certain things about your page or the URL that you have filled for the removal. Some of the times the URLs are taken down by themselves and there is no further process and it makes it simple and easy. You will just have to tap on the request removal on your website. For example, you have a phone number on your website which is not in service anymore and you want to remove it from the page. 

    In this way, your platform will help you in completing the process and removing the number from the website. When this process is completed, you will also receive a notification about it. When this process is not done, you will see the URLs or the pages which lie below your website. These websites, pages or content will stay in the pending status until they have analyzed your request and processed it further. 

    Method 2 with which you can do for changing content

    When you want to fix the changed content on your website, you will need to follow the below steps for that:

    For this process as well the first step will be reaching the removal tool. This you can find in the Google search console. When you reach it, just insert the URL to the content or the pages for which you are doing the process. When you have entered the URL, proceed to the next step and check if you see any tab which says request removal. If you find that tab, then you have to click on it for the removal of the content. 

    When you have finished the previous step, it is time that the platform will analyse your request. When they are analyzing the request for this process, you have to wait and pick one of the two options that they have made available. The step will show the live page and the URL that has been detected by them for the changes. When you have the choices, it is right that you choose one of the choices and then proceed to the further process. For this, you have to tap on the Next button. 

    When we were doing the process, we wanted to clean some information from SERPs. The information that we wanted to remove was cached on the snippet. 

    In this step, you have to state the content that you want to remove from the page and which is still alive. When we were trying this process, we had a phone number that we didn’t want on the SERP. The number was old, and we wanted it removed for the same reason. When the platform helped us to remove the number, we checked, but it was still visible on the website. The page removal requests are displayed at the bottom. 


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