Video marketing is the simplest and most effective way of promotion. Video content has taken a significant place in the reign of digital marketing. From being highly informative to being entertaining it has everything a user would demand from a blogger or website owner. 

    It can be seen and observed that it is easier to get viral through video blogging. Many bloggers as well have started promoting their work on video platforms.

    In this journey of video content, YouTube remains the king of video promotion platforms. It has billions of users and is also considered the second most used search engine which makes it significantly entertaining. 

    So it is definitely necessary that you promote your work there as well. But that goes to waste when you don’t have enough YouTube subscribers. In this blog, we will learn simple ways to gain more YouTube subscribers without having to spend extra for it. 

    S.No10 simple ways to gain more youtube subscribers
    Cross-platform promotion is necessary
    Editing is the key
    Focus on the ending too
    Don’t forget to interact 
    Upload more frequently
    Customize it in the best way
    Make content that is engaging
    Don’t make it too short
    Don’t work without planning
    Keep your audience engaged through tasks and challenges

    1.Cross-platform promotion is necessary

    In this era, you cannot depend on just one platform. It is good that you need your subscribers to find you but it is also necessary that you promote your work and yourself on different platforms as well. Cross-platform promotion becomes more important because your competitors are doing it. 

    2.Editing is the key

    I have seen many YouTubers working hard on creating content but they don’t edit correctly. The mantra for success in youtube video blogging is to edit ruthlessly. No one likes to see dead air in the content. Remove that all from your content and you will see the difference. 

    3.Focus on the ending too

    You might be working hard for the intro of your video and the beginning but never leave the ending hanging. There needs to be a gist of the video in the end. The ending needs a message and a role of its own. A blank or plain ending won leaves a good impression. 

    4.Don’t forget to interact 

    If you have been working so hard to build a trusted audience for yourself on youtube then it is also essential that you interact with them from time to time. You can do it in many ways like by answering their doubts or thanking them for the love they shed for you on your last video. 

    5.Upload more frequently

    Now is the real deal. It is observed that many YouTubers do not upload consistently. You need to fix a day and time for regular uploads. We do not suggest making it daily because that can be hectic and might reduce the quality, but at least one video content a month if it every week is even better. 

    6.Customise it in the best way

    Your youtube channel must present you and your niche. Use the customization in the best way and make it work in your favor. This will help in creating your own personality among your viewers and community which will ultimately increase your youtube subscribers count.

    7.Make engaging content

    No matter how much work you put in if your videos are not engaging then it is not going to work the way you want. most of your attention should go to make more engaging content

    Do good research on tools

    8.Don’t make it too short

    Making videos of 2-3 minutes won’t work especially when you’re planning to gain more subscribers. Make lengthy videos; these tend to follow the recommendations and work well. A video of around 10 minutes would do the work.

    9.Don’t work without planning

    Making videos without any planning or purpose is not useful. There has to be a motivation or reason to make videos. This makes the creation more meaningful. Having more meaning to your videos will help you connect with your viewers, and the only way to have growth over your platform comes with the fact that you are engaging them which will at the end increase your youtube subscribers list.

    10.Keep your audience engaged through tasks and challenges

    Don’t forget to arrange giveaways and funny or engaging challenges for your audience. This will keep them connected to you. You will retain the existing subscriber by doing this. 

    Wrapping up

    These are the most effective ways which have worked for many YouTubers. There can be other ways as well that might work for you. You can include those as well. The purpose is to get subscribers so you can put in whatever it takes to get it done.


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