The dream of becoming a blogger mostly starts with a WordPress site. You need a high-performing site to make the best out of it. Many times it is seen that low-performing sites lead to lower conversions but most importantly lower user experience. This has to be the prime focus of your website. In this article, we have explained the importance of the WordPress site and its speed and performance. It includes different ways to improve its performance.

    Importance of speed in your WordPress site

    Even if you are not a digital expert you might know that a slow website is not ranked high in Google because of their new algorithm. In 2010 Google announced that website speed would have an effect on search ranking algorithms. You need an optimized and high-speed site for it. A slower site increases the bounce rate of your site and the users tend to skip the site instantly if it takes seconds extra to load. This will affect the uptime and ultimately the conversion. 

    Steps to achieve faster WordPress sites

    Following are the ways to get a faster WordPress site:

    Don’t use slow plugins 

    One of the primary reasons that your WordPress site is lagging or slowing down is because you are not using fast WordPress plugins for it. When you use a plugin that does not properly optimize your site will have to go through lower speed. 

    Keep the website optimized

    The simplest way to protect the performance of your WordPress site is by optimizing the site from time to time. A nicely optimized site will load quicker as compared to a non-optimized site. It can be done by removing unnecessary stuff from the site which is keeping back the speed and performance. Use the right tools and applications and keep the user phase clean and easy to access. 

    CDN will help

    CDN will directly help in loading sites faster because it will provide you the right network even in the country where you do not have your website. This means a CDN helps your site in catching the network of the nearest data server. If your site is opened in another country where your site is not located, the CDN will catch the network from the nearest data server that is available and will connect through it. 

    Do not forget to update the website

    If it’s been a while since you last updated your website then this might be the time to do it. Take the help of the experts and update all the links and plug-in of your website to get a high-performing and high-speed site. 

    Use a video hosting site for media 

    Many WordPress owners directly publish the video to the image that they wanted to upload. Then it is also visible as an HTML file. There is no issue with that, but the problem starts when these large files cause issues in the speed of your WordPress site. Your web hosting might be providing you unlimited bandwidth but by uploading such large files the backup will take space and it will make the site loading slower. Instead, use video hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, SoundCloud, etc. for your media files like images and videos. They will do the job better. 

    To conclude

    WordPress sites are essential for any business or blogger. They require a lot of maintenance just like a regular site. It is obvious that if the right update and optimization are not performed the site will start to go down and it will affect the performance. In this article, we have included some ways to do it and get a high speed and high performing site.


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