Rumors are that the blogging career is ending. Do you believe in it? Neither do I. If this was the case thousands of websites would not have been created. I have seen lots of newbies being confused about blogging and where to start a blog in the first place? 

    Hold on, we have got it all backed up for you. In this blog, we are going to show you some of the tips and tricks on starting a blog in 2022. In this guide, we will show you all the steps required that will help you in starting the blogging career you always wanted. 

    Let’s dig in

    In the below blog we have solved all the questions that you might have had or should have on how to start a blog:-

    Which blogging platform is best for my blogging career?

    For a new blogger, surely, you can’t invest a fortune on just creating a website of your own. You need platforms that will help you in starting for free or for almost no money. The universal suggestion for this question could be WordPress. It hosts many free and paid websites that help its users start a blogging career for free.But you can also go for other platforms which are Wattpad and Medium. They are also quite popular. Or go traditional with a basic website to host your blogging site. But this might be a little difficult for beginners. 

    What topic should I pick for my blog?

    Well, I would say that it entirely depends on you but that won’t be right because as we all know it is one of the most difficult decisions for any blogger. Some bloggers suggest starting with everything you like but then that could be time taking. I would suggest making a list of all the things that you would love to write about or would want to share with the world. It can be anything of your expertise or passion. 

    Which domain name and hosting should I choose to achieve success?

    Selecting a domain name is like picking the name for your own child. And of course, your blogs would be your baby which you will nurture with effort and love. The name that you choose should be simple and basic but not too ordinary. Try finding catchy names that are easy on ears and tongue. This makes it accessible. Then you can pick the domain extension of your choice and requirement whichever suits your blog type. 

    Which is the best hosting for your blog posts? 

    The next step is to pick a hosting server for your blogging site where all your data will be stored. A good hosting server is one that provides plans at a low cost, and yet has freebies like an SSL certificate and a free domain. The customer support and money cancellation policies are something that is ignored by many new bloggers. A simple control panel and no limits to storage or bandwidth are a plus.

    How to put together your blog?

    After choosing a WordPress hosting which you have abundant options for, now you must start using the features available for free at the hosting server and set up your blog for the world to see. Select the right theme and design of your blog to match your niche. You can find free plugins, themes and features of WordPress which are helpful. But if you want to go for an advanced setup you can also check out premium options.

    How to begin the designing of the blog post?

    Once you are done with the initial part of hosting and domain now you must bring your focus to the target area that is designing your blog posts. No matter how good the content is, if it fails to create an impression then that would be of no use to you because you do want to make money with your blog posts, thus blog design is an important aspect of your blog. Use all the free and paid themes, templates, and plugins to make your blog post more appealing to your audience.

    What plugins to use from WordPress for your blog? 

    From the pool of hundreds and thousands of Yoast WordPress plugins, it can be a bit of a task to pick the ones that would help you from the start of your blog site. For starters you can go for Jetpack by WordPress or even toast SEO could do the work. Many users prefer short pixels so you must give it a try as well. 

    How to outline the content for your blog posts?

    Content planning is not something that would be impulsive. I always suggest to my readers to make a plan beforehand. You can even create a calendar if you want so that you don’t miss out. It is hard to maintain consistency and making a list or schedule will help you to keep going. Having a calendar has helped us in posting regularly without skipping, due to that you can also create content in advance and also cover some of the occasional or seasonal topics which trend in particular times. 

    Which steps to take for your first blog post?

    For a newbie like you, I suggest one step at a time. Learn from the mistakes of other bloggers and then find the right path. The length of your blog, the quality of the content, and the in-depth that I cover everything a reader would want to know. Do not forget to keep additions like pictures, videos that will make your content more informative.Not posting regularly on consistent days can also be a drawback. You should have a particular day on which you post so your readers have something to look forward to. Tease your content in advance or announce it a little before you publish to increase engagement. Do not underestimate the empower of research which will make ordinary content special.

    What should you not miss out on?

    The usual steps are followed by most new bloggers but they miss out on the small but essential ones. These include pages that you need on your blogs like about, disclaimer, terms and conditions. The disclosure or privacy page with an addition of a media kit. 

    If you do not have the required page then most of the visitors might not be able to navigate to the right content and formation about your or your work. These pages define the section and it needs to be on your website. 

    If you are not tech-savvy you should always take the help of a professional to design a more SEO-friendly and optimized website for your blogging. Even if you are starting out you can reach monetization options. You should also approach various brands and businesses of your niche to start the money flow. It will take some time to convert the clients or sites eventually you will start hearing back from them. 

    How to bring traffic or audience to your blog post?

    You have done everything, creating a blog site, wrote the best blog you could, and even designed it nicely while keeping the bar of quality high but now what? You need to follow SEO and other strategies for marketing to promote your blog post so it can reach a wide range of audiences. Start by promoting it on all the platforms on which you are active. This will give you a diverse audience. Try doing the right research for the keywords because organic traffic gives a higher ranking. You can attract new visitors by posting quality content but it is also necessary that you keep the pens that are already your readers. For that, you have to maintain consistency and engage with them regularly.

    Which social media platforms to target?

    Go everywhere. Try capturing all the social media platforms that you can. This will give a wider range of audience and exposure. The most popular ones are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Some bloggers have the ideology that they only want to focus on their blogging website. But the truth is that social media platforms are becoming more and more significant every day. 

    So if you want to gain more audience from every place it is necessary that you post on all the platforms. Try to promote your content and blogs and various platforms so you can reach out to more users. But don’t try too hard on social media and keep blogging as your prime focus. With social media platforms you will engage with more people and it will give you a chance to explore different options.

    Wrapping up

    With all the above-mentioned points you have the information to start with your new blog. All you gotta do is follow these steps with consistency by putting in all your efforts. Don’t miss out on any point and you are ready to enter the world of blogging.But do not assume that it will start to grow overnight. Blogging is a slow career and it will always take long to see some results which will have significant differences in the ranking, traffic and monetizations sources from your blogging career. 


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