Every law firm is busy managing clients and cases that they cannot put in more energy in checking the finance as well. You have to maintain the payment and expenses of the case. To manage it all, if you are looking for legal accounting software which can help in better management of accounting, then this is the right place for you. Let’s have a look at the most excellent choices of accounting software for legal firms:

    Why Do You Need Accounting Software For Small Law Firms?

    Before we go on finding some of the best accounting software for your legal firm it is also essential that you know why you actually need it in the first place. Some of the firms have often asked us questions regarding if they need any accounting software when they have an accounting team and the firm is also running on a small scale. There might also be some who are confused if they need specifically curated software for the legal. Our answer to these questions is yes. You definitely need accounting software for small law firms. But this section will prove our point entirely. We have tried to mention the most significant reasons and benefits of using accounting software for small law firms. 

    For managing the matters of the firm

    There are many matters in a legal firm and not just the case studies and the research. It includes the hourly bills, client charges and other dues related to the case. Even employees need certain petty expenses. The administration has its own charges which might seem small but have very varied sections. This is why accounting software can make managing these matters simpler. 

    For better tracking of time

    Legal firms have their rolling on an hourly basis. This is necessary that they know exactly how much time they are investing in every client so they can charge them appropriately. With the software, legal firms will benefit and they can get the right idea about the time spent. This also makes billing easier and simpler. You can improve the accounting system a lot with the software easier

    To improve the billing system

    Small firms have fewer transactions and client bills to ha for. But this also means that they have fewer employees handling the account and finance of the firm. If you have accounting software then it can be all sorted. The bills will be paid duly and none of the dates will be missed. You can also focus more on the task with this. 

    For practicing the management for the entire firm

    Small firms might seem very easy to handle but this can be a little difficult sometimes. Due to a lack of employees, the work gets delegated a lot. But if you have accounting software then you can have all those tasks and expenses in one place and the team can be easily managed. Even the payroll and the fiancee of every employee will be managed. 

    QuickBooks Online

    QuickBooks Online is the most used and also the most popular option on this list which you can use for your legal firm. The tool is highly recommended by the biggest of the firms for its amazing solutions not only for big-scale businesses but also for small-scale firms. The software can be used for its financial information integration feature, which lets its users sync the bills, data, and other transactions related to the clients and other things of your firm. You can use it to also organize the contact and payment-related processes. 


    Another accounting software that can impress you with the number of features on this list is Xero. Its accounting software is known for automatically syncing the information, invoice, and other transaction-related details from your clients. If you want to make an online invoice that is customized, then it will provide you with the best customization features as well. It is not a time taking software, so you can also feel relieved about that. 


    One of the software in this list, which is specifically curated for legal firms and lawyers, then TrustBooks, stands first in that position. All the features of this software are simple and the functioning is easy to understand. Informing your clients about the transaction and invoice details for the payment is also very easy even for newbies. You can create a three-way reconciliation statement from this software and that too automatically. 


    FreshBooks is one of the software on this list that is not only effective but is also cloud-based. This gives you a lot of features and an upper hand over other software on this list. All the software works best, but Cloud-Based software is exceptionally impressive because of additional features of automation and security. You can track many details and things on your list with this software with its on-the-go access feature. All the software on this list has amazing accounting features, but with FreshBooks, you can create professional invoices and bills for your legal firm. 


    LeanLaw is the best-given integration if you are a QuickBooks online user that complies with trust accounting and other accounting standards. Lean Law is ideal for small and midsize law firms, which work up to 30 attorneys. It’s an affordable solution for converting itself into bookkeeping software, it’s the best law firm accounting software if you are looking for affordable options which integrate with QuickBooks. 


    CaseFox is an all-in-one software for effective accounting and legal practice management solutions. The software is known for its versatile adaptability and can be used for solo, small and large law firms. CaseFox provides best-in-class features and top-notch integrations such as QuickBooks, LawPay, Xero among others. Not just being an accounting software is a complete case management solution that can make your practice more effective and streamlined.

    Final words

    No matter what kind of law firm you own or in small, the accounting part is always a big concern as most of your staff is busy handling research and studies for the case of your clients. At this time, it is also not possible to afford a team of accountants. That is why you can choose legal accounting software for your firm which will help you in keeping track of the finance and managing it all the time. All the options are amazing and there is something for all kinds of users. 


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