Technology these days plays a huge role in shaping the workflow of any business and the legal industry is no exception. In the legal industry, legal tech plays a vital role to make sure that your practice runs smoothly.

    When we talk about adapting to tech solutions in law firms, lawyers and legal professionals are quite reluctant as not everyone is tech-savvy. It’s no surprise that lawyers have used countless tech solutions like the finest legal billing software to drive more productivity and efficiency in their firms. The legal tech industry is flooded with different software intended to be sold to lawyers and law firms. If you are looking for a legal tech solution such as lawyer billing software that can make your practice smooth then this blog is for you.

    What is legal software? 

    Legal software is specially designed for handling legal processes such as e-discovery, documentation, contract management, case briefs, contract review, etc. You can see countless options available in the market for serving the purpose to streamline the legal process.

    Legal tech solutions such as legal software can save you time and money and on the other hand, you can avoid using manual solutions and outdated technology to avoid redundancies and efficiencies that can directly affect your firm’s productivity. When looking for software, how can one decide which is the best solution for their practice? There are many challenges one faces while selecting the “best software” for them. 

    Being the best software completely depends on certain factors such as the size of the firm, your need, your practice area, affordability, and all other aspects of your law firm. 

    In this blog, we are going to compare all such options for your law firms by putting up versatile lists of legal software

    1. CaseFox 

    Features and Benefits 

    CaseFox is a complete law practice management software, which helps attorneys and budding attorneys to maintain their workflow and stay organized on the go.

    From providing features like legal billing, calendar management, trust accounting, document management that includes scanning, editing, storing, and sharing, collaboration tools, integrations with almost every application, client, and contact management.

    If you decide you want to go further with the software it gives advanced features for streamlining and automating your practice and firm like LEDES billing, bulk invoicing, automated billing much more.

    Best For – If you want everything in a single place then having a hold on this practice management software is a good go.


    • Basic free limited up to 2 users with all features and integrations included 
    • Silver $12.50 per month billed annually includes 3 users / additional user $15 a month
    • Gold $20.50 per month billed annually includes 3 users/ additional user $15 a month
    • Platinum $33.40 per month billed annually includes 3 users/ additional user $15 a month

    2. Practice Panther 

    Features and Benefits 

    It’s a cloud-based solution with a wide range of features to help law firms save time. It has bulk invoices option one can generate multiple invoices, and multiple ways to the bill including hourly, flat rate, and contingency. You can sync your Quickbooks account and automatic backup for your data is also available.

    Best For– PracticePanther is a versatile option for all types of law firms.


    • Solo: $49 per user/per month, or $39 if billed annually.
    • Essential: $69 per user/per month, or $59 if billed annually.
    • Business: $89 per user/per month, or $79 if billed annually.

    3. Clio 

    Features and Benefits  

    Clio offers different solutions at various price points and capabilities, making it easy for each law firm or lawyer to select the right software for their needs and goals. You can utilize its online intake forms, and access various document management tools, fair amount of integrations are available and contact can be easily linked to documents, emails, and case files.

    Best For – Mid and large-size law firms due to its charges.


    • EasyStart: $39 per user/per month.
    • Essentials: $69 per user/per month.
    • Advanced: $99 per user/per month.
    • Complete: $129 per user/per month. 

    4. TimeSolv 

    Features and Benefits 

    This cloud-based software can be accessed from anywhere and integrates productivity and project management tools and billing capabilities to help lawyers to work smarter and better.

    TimeSolv offers a variety of ready-made document templates for everyday use for firms that produce uncounted invoices every day.

    Best For– Best suited for small and midsize law firms, it’s a go-to option for those who produce regular invoices.


    • 1 – 4 users: $39.95 per user/per month or $35.96 if billed annually.
    • 5 – 14 users: $34.95 per user/per month or $31.46 if billed annually.
    • 15+ users: $29.95 per user/per month or $26.96 if billed annually.

    5. MyCase

    Features and Benefits 

    MyCase is a cloud-based legal billing software developed by AppFolio. It includes time tracking and billing tools as well as case management and practice management tools. It comes with LEDES billing and is available with UTMBS codes and expense codes. MyCase accepts flexible payments via credit card and eChecks. 

    Best For– Build for small law firms.


    • Basic: $49 per user/per month or $39 if billed annually.
    • Pro: $69 per user/per month or $59 if billed annually.


    With a highly dynamic business environment and ever-changing trends, it’s important to have tools like law firm billing software that can help you make your journey smooth. When you know your business challenges and have analyzed the technological capabilities that will help you address the problems in your law firm you are ready to move forward with legal case management software.


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