SEO is highly essential for any website’s performance and getting high traffic. Without SEO your diet won’t be able to gain much audience on its side. For a long time, Yoast SEO has been the favorite plugin for its users

    The reason behind this is that it has a very easy set-up process. But recently the Rank Math is getting into fame. It is now considered one of the most powerful SEOs. But then this brings the question that which of these two is a better SEO and the answer is read the entire blog. 

    You can actually pick any of them because both tools are easy to use and are right for any level of users new or expert. Many newbies wonder if they can use these tools because they have absolutely no idea about the tool usage and the truth is that you can definitely use it even when you are a beginner.  

    The tool comes with a set of information with which you can learn to use it. After that, the optimization as well is easy peasy. They will help you in the better optimization of your blog post by applying the right keywords. So in this article, we will explain to you about these plugin tools and give a brief about them so that you can make a better decision by comparing these two. 

    For keyword optimization

    The main task of an SEO plug-in has to be giving you the right optimization for the keywords and it’s research. This helps you in finding the right keyword as per your niche. You can be relieved that both of these SEO plugins have the best optimization when it comes to keywords. 

    In Rank Math, you can easily insert keywords up to five numbers. This is a default setting in it. But if you want to add more to it you can change the page editor filter after which you will be able to assign unlimited keywords. 

    But in Yoast SEO you won’t be able to assign these many keywords. Its free version provides you only one keyword assignment. But with the paid version you can add up to five keywords. The higher number can definitely help your page to rank higher on the search engines. 

    For content optimization

    With Yoast SEO you can get the right analysis about the readability of the content and it will also back you so that you can create better blogs. This will ultimately increase your SEO game. Even with Rank Math, you can get similar features like readability and SEO score. But still, Yoast SEO has an upper hand in this section. 

    User friendly

    It can be said that both the SEO plug-in can be used by a newbie who has the least knowledge about using the tool. Yoast SEO has a standard dashboard that has only one type of interface for a long-time. While at Rank Math you can get the options to choose from the basic and advanced dashboard. Yoast SEO also has a sidebar and the meta box for the block editor of WordPress. Rank math doesn’t have any meta box because it is synced easily with the block editor. Yoast SEO is user friendly with more features. But Rank math also offers prominent features too along with the sidebar options. 

    Free features

    Free features are one of the reasons users are ready to pay for the plan price. Most of the plugins and their services provide freebies along with their plans. It is necessary to check if the plugin that you are choosing provides freebies or not. Otherwise, it can be an expensive deal for you. Both Yoast SEO and Rank Math have great features which they provide for free. Some of the common features which they both have are plenty of templates for SEO optimization. These are simple and easy to use. The users of Twitter and Facebook also have social media descriptions. Search console is also a significant feature and it is available in both of these options. For improving the site navigation they also insert the breadcrumbs. Even a counter for internal links is available with these plugins. 

    But now comes the features which Yoast SEO doesn’t have but Rank Math does. It has many additional and beneficial features like local SEO and image SEO which is quite necessary for every website these days. The 404 error management is simple on this plugin. Apart from internal links it also offers counters for external links. It has keyword analysis features that are not limited to just one keyword. 


    The final and one of the most significant factors which users think of before deciding which plugin to choose is the cost of having it. Rank math has both free and premium versions. This freemium plugin is not limited in features in any way. They also have the paid version which is quite new. Earlier it only had the free version. With the premium, you will get more advanced features but this doesn’t mean it has any kind of new limitations in the free version. The price of Rank math starts at $59. For the Yoast SEO, you have to pay a cost of $89. This is higher than the former but they also have some of the discounts too. 

    Parting words

    By now you could have understood that both the plug-in are great and by choosing any of the two you would not be making a wrong choice. Rank Math is a more advanced plugin that you can use and uninstall some other plug-in to use it better. It is comparatively lighter on your site and provides the solution for achieving a high-performing site when compared with Yoast SEO. 

    Yoast SEO is the right choice if you want something of the basic level. With its both paid and free features, you can use it for the initial level of usage. And it will definitely help you in learning the SEO plug-in at your own pace.


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