Every day, so many websites are starting. The reason is the wave of digitization. Many websites have seen growth at the beginning itself. But some of the websites are struggling to get more traffic and higher ranking for years now. One of the major reasons behind this difference is not only content but the SEO methods as well. There are many ways of applying SEO to your website. 

    SEO can be applied in an organic way and then in paid ways. Either of the ways is great and effective but it depends on the user which one they can opt for. Usually, the starters and budget users don’t go for the paid ways. In this blog, we will be discussing the most popular convention of paid marketing, which is PPC. After this blog, you will be able to understand SEO and PPC in-depth and which one is better when differentiated. 

    Cost of the methods

    When we are here discussing the cost of using the two methods, it is obvious that SEO is an organic way. You don’t have to pay anything for this method. It will need effort and the right application and it will bring organic traffic to your site. It will also make the ranking better on the search engine results. But when you are using PPC ads, then you have to pay the cost for the ads. The higher you want to rank, the more costly it will be. So when we say which is more cost-effective, then SEO is the answer. 

    Conversions through these options

    SEO is a proven way which bring more traffic to your website. It also makes the performance of the website better. This means that you will do better with it or the conversions. This will give you more leads. PPC as well is a great way for getting more conversions. It is because you can get more clicks with the ads. With more leads, which leads to more conversions. Though it is effective, PPC works a little better with these criteria. 


    Anyone who is starting out with websites that don’t have any experience needs to know if these methods are user-friendly and easy for them. If not, they will need to hire a professional. It is difficult to say that both these methods are easy and simple. To use any of these methods for your website to gain a higher ranking and more traffic will require at least some knowledge. You cannot start applying for SEO or PPC without any past experience. But you can learn certain things about it and start using it. On the journey, you will get to know a lot about it. 

    Ranking in search results

    SEO is known for providing more organic traffic by applying the right methods. It is not difficult to rank your content through it. But it only works when your website has on-page and off-page optimization. While PPC will show your ads on the first page if you are paying higher. The payment sometimes is an issue with people. But who is willing to pay in can get their ads higher, which will give them more clicks. 

    Final Take

    No matter how many differences there are, it is difficult to replace one technique with another. PPC is a kind of ad which is used to drive more traffic to your website through clicks. It is used for marketing but with SEO you will be able to do better. There are times when your new website will not be able to drive a lot of traffic or rank higher just through SEO. At that time you can take the help of PPC, which will rank your ad and will give you more conversions. It is not simple to tell which is better. They have their advantages and setbacks. But when it is used in the right way, then both will give results.


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