WordPress is a very popular platform for many website owners and especially for bloggers. It is a way to communicate with your target audience in the form of knowledge and words. But what if you could contact them even through your blogpost comments now. This can be done only in a few minutes. 

    Many of the applications and tools will provide you with the feature to chat from your laptop and with many, you will be able to do it from anywhere with the help of your smartphone. 

    The application and tools which we are going to discuss in this article are all easily integrated into your WordPress site. The easy integration will help you to integrate it directly or via dedicated plugins. There are many benefits of this method, one of these is that you can get a third-party server that will be dedicated to your website and work to your advantage. 

    After this, your website server will no longer be dedicated to another site’s server. So without wasting any further time let’s begin by checking the best of the options available for the live chat plugin for WordPress:


    HubSpot is a tool that is used mostly for its CRM service. But it is not limited to just that. It has many more services and features along with that. Its live chat plugin can be used for WordPress live chat function and it is also free. As live chat is integrated into CRM you can easily check the stored Live chats at your CRM. Even when you are not available to handle the chats it can be done by automated chatbots. 

    Whenever you get the time you can start the chat with your viewers or audience. This will help you in building a good relationship with your customers. These features are available in the free version but to take the advantage of some other advanced features you will need to switch to the premium version. 


    LiveChat is the most renowned live chat tool which has very user-friendly features. You can add it to your WordPress with easy and simple steps. This is possible because it can be integrated into WordPress. If you are still doubting it, let me tell you that this live chat plugin is used by McDonald’s, PayPal, and many other bug companies in the world. 

    Support Board

    Support Board might not be the most established WordPress live chat plugin but it is surely worth trying. They have a simple and easy setup process. But it is a premium service that offers integration through slack and you can easily upload files. 

    3CX Live Chat

    If you are looking for a live chat plugin that can be accessed only through your website and cannot be connected to any third party then you are checking the right WordPress plugin which is 3CX Live Chat. They provide you with the choice to keep the information on your servers or hosted servers. It also includes chay ratings and message edits. 

    To Conclude 

    The whole point of understanding and discussing the topmost live chat plugin was to find a plugin for your website too. After reading through the entire blog you might have come to a decision of which plugin is providing you with the best features. First of all the final decision of choosing a live chat plugin for your WordPress will depend on your budget if you are going for free to premium plugins. 

    For premium, you can find many options, and even at the free version of any plugin, you can get all the basic features that are required. Based on the above list and your requirement and necessity you can make the final decision accordingly. This can be done by integrating the CRM into your WordPress dashboard.


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