With the rise in digitalization, people have started to move with the online modes. They have also started to understand that video content is the best mode to spread your business of any kind on the online platform. It is observed in the survey that people find images and text more entertaining than just texts and then it is evaluated that videos plus text is more entertaining and retaining among all the possible ways. 

    Whenever we are discussing the video content we should not skip YouTube out. YouTube is probably the biggest video-sharing platform which not only includes educational content but also has entertainment content too. If someone is creating content on YouTube then they also need to keep a track of their performance and ranking. 

    If you are eager to know their YouTube ranking then you should go nowhere because in this article we have mentioned the topmost YouTube video ranking tracker which will provide you with the result. In this blog we have listed the topmost YouTube rank tracker tools for checking the ranking of your YouTube based on keywords:

    Why to go for a Youtube Rank Checker?

    While very few people take into consideration that they want to start a YouTube channel. Most people prefer blogging because it seems like an easier profession. But that is not true at all. Very few people know that the algorithm of YouTube doesn’t change every day, unlike the other search engines. YouTube also has very simple SEO as well. It is not entirely different from a blogging site but it also has a very simple algorithm.

    Learning SEO for YouTube will not be a difficult task for you. You won’t even need to apply hundreds of methods and techniques for getting success. No matter in which niche you are working for you will always find it easier through a YouTube channel. Some people believe that they only have to start making quality content and their videos will rank but that is not true. You have to optimize your channel as well as the content. This will help in making the channel grow quicker. 

    If you own a youtube channel and you are working every day for making valuable content but it is not ranking at any place then that would be heartbreaking. This is why you need to have a ranking tracker to keep track of the growth and which of the channels are ranking better. With this, you will be able to make better strategies and optimization will also be better. 

    YT Rank

    YT Rank is a simple and easy-to-use YouTube ranking tracker which has made the task a cakewalk for us all. You just have to put the link or the URL of your YouTube video into it to get track of your YouTube video’s ranking. Also, add the keyword for which you are trying to determine the rank of your YouTube video. You can even use it for the particular location that you are willing to check the ranking of the video. 

    Accuranker YouTube Tracker

    Accuranker has been a top choice for anyone whose concern is YouTube video rank tracking. Even a newbie would not find much difficulty in understanding this tracker because it has a very simple interface making it a cakewalk for beginners. This is not a free tool but it does offer a free trial. You can check the ranking of your website within every 24 hours. This is beneficial if you want the latest update. They also run tracking tests when you need it. 


    If you can go for a premium tool then you must check out the TubeBuddy. They have the best features obviously because they are a paid tool. Using it is very simple because you can begin using it by trying out their chrome extension. You can check and track as many words as you require. It will provide you updates on a regular basis so you can make optimization quicker and more efficiently.

    Link Assistant

    Just like its other counterparts, using Link Assistant is also easy. You can track the ranking of your YouTube video by just inserting the keyword for which you want to search. You can even track the ranking of your channel itself if you want. This one as well as a premium tool. 

    Sheer SEO

    Sheer SEO is an amazing YouTube video tracker which does the task based on the video’s URL. Being a premium tool it has some extra benefits than the free tools have to offer. For starting with the process you will have to put in the URL for which you need the tracker. After this just insert the keywords of the video you need to track on YouTube. And that’s it you have the ranking of the video. The tool is premium and has various plans from which you can choose the best one according to your budget. 

    To Conclude

    You cannot do the video track on any random YouTube video tracker. You need the best ones so that you get the required results. In this blog, we have mentioned and listed some of the best YouTube video ranking trackers for your channel so you can do the analytics better.Even when people are saying that youtube ranking is difficult you should not believe it and keep on working on its SEO and algorithm. It’s easier to rank the content on youtube than on other platforms. Also when you start applying SEO it becomes easier because the algorithm stays the same for a long time. With these youtube ranking trackers, you will realize how quickly your ranking for youtube videos are rising.


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