Websites are doing many things to keep their viewers and visitors engaged. There are many ways of doing so and one of these ways is the newsletter. You can easily use it to keep your visitors engaged and let them know you are thinking about them. The newsletter does not have to be anything exceptional, just regular reminders or messages would work. But if you have greater ideas in mind, you should feel free to try them. 

    There are many plugins you can try for the newsletter. But if you are wondering which one to choose, here is a suggestion. You can definitely try Acymailing because it has many brilliant features and is free. It is a user-friendly plugin and can be used by anyone. let’s know more about it in this blog so you can try it for yourself because it has a free version too.¬†

    Features of Acymailing

    In this section, we will discuss the features of AcyMailing WordPress newsletter plugin, which makes it better than its competition:

    • You can enjoy the newsletter automation feature of Acymailing. This is, though, limited to premium users only. 
    • You can customize these newsletter plugins and create different templates with the newsletter designer. They also have a form builder if you don’t want to go with the default design. 
    • With This plugin, you can have an unlimited number of sends and users and won’t have to worry about sending emails and their numbers. 
    • It also has simple and easy integration with other mails services. 

    Setting up the Acymailing newsletter

    The setup of the plugin for the newsletter is very simple. You can do the entire process by yourself. Just follow the directions and you will understand the whole process. First of all, you will have to install the plugin. If you are planning on using the free version, then you should visit the plugin then go to add new. After this, you will have to find the newsletter. Other than searching for a newsletter, you can also search for Acymailing. 

    For the pens who have already got the premium version, they can just upload the plugin by clicking on this dialogue. Then you will have to download the zip which you will get. It is necessary that after doing this, you also activate it. You will now have to go to the Acymailing dashboard. Anyone who wants to make some edits can click on it.

    You can easily do the editing and copying on this again. It just needs a simple click and cancels for it. You will also get to enjoy the drag-and-drop designer with this, but if you don’t want any edits, then you shall keep it on by default. After doing so, you can also check the email receiver. You can make the configuration through the mail settings. 

    Final words

    Though you can find many options for plugins in the newsletter. But it is obvious you would want to find one which is cheaper. Especially for the beginners who have just started out and can’t afford to spend or invest any money or any big amount for such things. If you want a user-friendly plugin for a newsletter, then you can surely go for Acymailing. It does not take long to get a hold of this plugin like many other plugins for the newsletter. 

    It is easy and can also be done by an 8th grader. It is recommended and used by professionals, too. If you think that you need more features than what is offered in the free version, then you should definitely go for the upgrade to the premium. The plans for premium are also different. This means there is something for everyone in this newsletter plugin.


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