Marketers are always looking for different ways to monetize their sites. Amazon affiliate is one of the affiliate programs which is highly beneficial for any site owner. It is even easy to find some WordPress plugins that will help you in inserting the Amazon affiliate links to your site or blogs. 

    You can do a lot with these plugins like keep your pricing and costing updated through this. You can even create charts or tables that will make it more understanding and simpler. You definitely need some dedicated WordPress plugin that can help you because it makes your task easier and saves you a lot of time. 

    You won’t have to insert all the links manually. This also helps in tracking the number of your earnings. In this article, we have analyzed some of the best WordPress plugins for Amazon affiliates that will help in monetizing your blog and even get you with the service of Amazon associates. 


    AzonPress is one of the most popular plugins for Amazon affiliates. You can also use it for other purposes because it is an all-rounder. You can add products to your site is a great way using this affiliate plugin. 

    It will give you access to Amazon associates API. This will be helpful in inserting Amazon affiliates and will also give you the latest information. With this plugin, you can easily insert text links, bestseller lists, product grids, product boxes, widgets, and even product pricing. 

    You also get to keep a record of the affiliate link click, geotargeting, and customization.


    AAWP is the king in the fraternity of the WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates. Its full form is the Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin. This is one of the most used and popular options for Amazon affiliation. In this WordPress plugin, you can do a lot of things because of its abundance of features. 

    With it, you can provide the latest information regarding the product, product insertion in different layouts, insert text links and widgets. You can even keep a record of your events and clicks. 


    If you are someone who is planning to build an Amazon store then AAPro is the answer for you. You can blindly go for this option. This WordPress plugin for Amazon lets you import and export Amazon products on your site. The customization for the look is simple. It is a paid plugin that will cost you $29. 


    After the premium plugin, you get free and paid for both plugins. This means that you can either use its free version which has many great features as well or you can subscribe to its premium version for more and greater features. That entirely depends on your requirements. 

    At its free version, you can get a free domain, link compliance, and custom slug. It also analyses keywords, performance, and link relevance. 

    Pretty Links

    Pretty Links is another Amazon plugin that provides both free and premium versions. It helps in using it in place of the domain name and redirect. Just as many other plugins at Pretty Links as well you can keep a track of information, performance, and clicks. 

    To conclude

    With the above, you can find yourself the best WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates. This is entirely your decision after considering all the factors that are required for your program. These plugins will definitely help you in monetizing your blog and will also help you in better placement of products to help your visitors. 
    You can slowly even drop your own store on your blogging site for more money-making methods. When selecting, do take into consideration your budget and service factors. We have described both paid and free versions so choose whichever is best for you.


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