If you are looking to track the traffic and the insights about the visitor, then you might be in search of a good website traffic checker tool. In this blog, we have mentioned all the top tools which are free for tracking website traffic. 


    SEMRush is the all-in one solution for websites. It has unlimited options which can help your website. It provides various marketing solutions for your website, brand or business. They also have a traffic analyser tool which can help you in tracking the traffic of a website. With this tool, you will be able to track the total visits of the website, visit on individual pages, bounce rate and the timing of the visit. 

    Sitechecker Pro

    If you want to go for an SEO solution that can also provide you with many software and tools, then you should go for Sitechecker pro. These software and tools help in making the business and its performance in the search engine better. This tool also helps you in monitoring the functions of the website. It majorly provides the traffic check feature which will help you in over viewing the traffic and keywords. 


    SERanking is not just a basic tool but also provides various functions along with the tracker. Their overview and analysis of the website are faster than most of the tools. It will provide you with the feature with which you can track the ranking of the website and also keep the pace of the traffic of that website. It will easily provide you with a summary of the website regarding its organic and paid traffic. This calculation would be based on monthly reports. 

    Similar Web

    Anyone who wants to check the design, visitors and the build of the website can go to Similar Web. You might see many tools which provide multiple functions related to marketing, tracking and SEO, too. But this one is majorly curated for website traffic. You can check the referral and search-related performance of the website. Also, understand the audience and their insight for better analysis. 


    Any agency or service team which works especially for the website traffic will benefit a lot from the WebCEO. It is because the tool helps in managing not one but many projects at once for the companies. Though this tool can give you details and information about other websites too. But most of the users use it for their websites only. It will get the information from Alexa and give the results of ranking positions and keywords. 


    Alexa is one of those tools which can help users in more than one way. It is an overall solution. You can check the results of your competitors’ strategies and audience. It will also provide the right data so you can prepare the strategy for your website. They provide an active site checker which works for keyword opportunities. The audience insights and the traffic statistics are also evaluated through this tool. 


    SEO solution and keywords research is one of the significant features and SerpStat provides it efficiently. Backlinks tracking and the analysis of the traffic is also done through this tool. Anyone can use this tool because it has a free version. But if you want to use the advanced features for better analysis, then you can go for the pro version. 

    Final thoughts

    All the tools which we have listed on this blog are effective and provide detailed research on the traffic reach of the website. Some of the tools are more efficient and also help in getting more insight about the visitor, their data and duration of stay. It depends on the webmaster and their needs about the website and its strategies. 


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