The main purpose for using or applying SEO is selecting the right keywords. This can be easily done with keyword research. The process of researching keywords makes the site or the content rank higher on the search engine. 

    The research is the most essential part for a blogger or even for an SEO expert because their task is to even keep a track of their website ranking for the particular keyword. If a blogger or website owner publishes a blog or any content without prior research of keywords then this can be one of their biggest mistakes. 

    With an effort of some time, you can start to receive results and also get the right return on your efforts made for the blog creation. Using these tools to your benefit is extremely important. Even after you have published the rightly researched blog it is now your responsibility to check the position and ranking of that blog and keyword. 

    It is necessary for all the bloggers that they use the right keywords that will help them in getting on the first page of the result of the Google ranking. With the right on-page SEO, you can accomplish even that. 

    Even when you are researching the keywords it is essential that you choose the ones which are right for the niche and topic. With the help of tools, it is possible to track all this information. Below we have mentioned some tools that will help you in tracking the keyword ranking:


    Accuchecker is a paid keyword tracking tool. If you are looking for a simple and user-friendly interface then Accuchecker shall be the perfect choice for you. You can also use it for Yandex and Bing search platforms. 

    For monitoring as well it is used especially for Yandex. The results are quick and you can actually check the results with just one tap. It also shows the keywords as per the country region. 


    If you are searching for a tool that is not just limited to searching keywords but does more than that then Rankwatch is the option you must check. They have features that show search engine position. 

    Along with the position, they also tell the keyword as per the location or region of your nation or city. It keeps you updated about the ranking, filter, and frequency of the website. 


    In the SERPWatcher you can easily check the location and ranking of your website. It also lets you check the position of a keyword and then know the position of it like the current, average, and the best position of that keyword. The tool is very user-friendly and helps in creating, naming, and adding keywords. It also helps you in checking emails and alerts. 


    Semrush is not an unknown tool and needs no introduction. This tool will help you in tracking the position, and keywords target for your website. With this tool, you can not only check your website’s position but also your competition’s position and ranking. 

    You can track the previous data with the help of this tool and even sometimes load that data. It will provide you with updated data from time to time. You will be able to create a good impact with the search and the results of this tool.

    Google Rank checker

    Just like every other service in Google its Google rank checker as well is great. You can use this tool for free and get the results of your website and its ranking in the search results. Whenever you need to make research for the keyword you only have to fill that and you will get the results and position of that keyword. 

    By using any of these keywords you can easily target and accomplish your agendas of ranking and position tracking. You can go for the free as well as premium tools whichever is the best for the moment.


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