With digitization, many things have changed. People are no longer in need of contact through offline mode. But do you realize when someone owns a business and its location is not properly added to the website, reaching it will be very difficult? But you can still do it better with the best direction or mapping source, which is Google. You might not need Google Maps for the website which has the map feature or inbuilt map. 

    But for the pens who have only mentioned the address needs, the location is established on your website correctly. This way, your visitor will not be confused about it. If you are wondering how you can do that thing, you need to think no more because in this blog we will mention some of the best Google Maps plugins which can help you in putting the Google Map in your WordPress website in a good style. Let’s start:

    Simple Shortcode for Google Maps

    Simple Shortcode is a plugin for the ones who are looking for a budget option. It is a free plugin that can give you shortcodes so that you can add google maps to your website. For anyone who is not looking to make any changes or customization in their google maps systems should opt for this plugin. 

    WP Google Maps

    WP Google Maps is one of the most used and best plugins for google Maps embedding. It is used widely for this purpose. You can call it one of the most popular plugins for this task because of the many features it provides to its users. This is a plugin that is available in both free and premium versions which you could choose based only on your requirements.

    Maps Widget for Google Maps

    Maps widget for google maps is the right plugin for anyone who is willing to keep the google map in the widget of their WordPress website. You can place the map wherever you decide only on your website. But make sure to locate it in the widget area. This is another free and premium plugin.

    WP Google Map Plugin

    If you want a plugin that offers you many customization options or wants to design the map according to yourself, then you should definitely check out WP Google Map Plugin. It has a free version and premium too. But most of the time the users get satisfied with its free version because of the plenty of features that it offers to them. 

    Google Maps Easy

    Google map is an easy plugin that makes the task simplest for beginners. It is a user-friendly plugin giving you all the options of cheating many numbers of maps for the mobiles. Yes, it helps in creating mobile-friendly maps. With this free tool itself, you can get track of the area and the traffic there. 


    MapPress is a free plugin which means the best budget option for beginners who want something to fit into the budget. The plugin is very simple and works fast as a wind in locating the map on your website. It will not take much time and effort and will provide an amazing-looking map on your website. 

    10Web Map Builder for Google Maps

    If you want a plugin that will give you all the options for doing the best customization according to you and does not even make a big hole in your pocket, then you can consider 10 Web Map Builders for Google Maps. It has both free and premium versions. But this free version is enriched with features, giving you many options and benefits.

    Final Thoughts

    After reading the entire blog, you might have been concluded with the best option for your website. Having a Google Maps plugin for the WordPress website is very beneficial. You can put or add google maps with the plugin. This looks better than the default one. It even gives your website a very professional look. 


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