With digitalization at its highest point, most business owners have understood the importance of online business. Especially with the situation of the pandemic when many offline businesses started trading online to keep their profits running. 

    This increase in the number of online businesses and competition is also rising. Due to this, it’s necessary that you stay well aware of all the changes and upgrades that you will require to stay updated and ahead of your competition. An SEO technique is one of the most affordable yet effective methods. It is used by all the marketing departments.

    Though the term needs no introduction, still people are unaware of the best keyword search tools that are prevalent and give the best results. If you are also finding the same thing then you have landed on the right page. Let’s begin with the research to get your website or business to the highest point you have expected with the help of the right keywords:

    1. Semrush

    There cannot be a discussion about the keyword research tools and we miss out on Semrush. Though this is not only a keyword research tool but has many other features as well that may help you in SEO marketing or digital marketing. You can even fulfill your research for the keywords with the help of URLs. I know right, super easy. You can get many variations in the research where the tool itself suggests the related and similar keywords, saving your time and effort. 

    2. Keyword Surfer

    For anyone who is not ready to spend on the research tool but needs to find the best out of it. This is the answer for you. It is an extension to the great browsing engine chrome. You can easily create a list in this tool and find other great features at the same time. It helps in generating ideas for keywords which is obviously the primary job of this plugin. It is simple to use and even a beginner will find it simple on the first try. 

    3. Answer the public

    If you are looking for tools that will help you in finding lengthy keywords on their platform then Answer the public is the choice for you. You can get the research done in different ways like questions, comparisons, or even prepositions. You are, though limited to only 3 researches per day, mostly that is enough for people. It is also known for its visual format which helps the keywords to be checked or downloaded. 

    4. Google keyword planner

    No one questions the service of Google. Not even the legends. This keyword planner by Google lets you use this free tool by using the AdWords account. You are required to have it before doing the search. It is an entirely free service. It has many uses which sometimes stop you from getting results from your own site sometimes. This tool is best suited for the ones who are into advertising. The simplicity of this tool is that it doesn’t take much time. You enter the tool and type in the keyword you want to search for and all the results are there. 

    5. Ahrefs

    With its fame and high usage, it has many more features that describe why it is so popular in this field. They have an intense detailing habit that provides the users with a more thorough result. You can see the clicks on the search engine when you use clickstream data. They even help you find not only traffic but clicks as well, which is necessary. They have an explorer which helps in finding great ideas for your content and the keywords. It has a simple step for that which is to type in the keyword which you are targeting. 

    6. KWFinder

    Many keywords research tools have an abundance of features. But many prefer to go with more pure and keyword research-centric tools that will provide exact results. They help you in getting keywords in the field of questions or problem solving, which remain one of the highest-ranking content types. If you are working on a different language then it also helps with that. 

    7. Ubersuggest

    In the list of free keywords research applications, it is not possible to complete the list without having the name of Ubersuggest in the list. They give you information about the keywords and the density it is being used. This means you can even get an idea of how fast your keywords are going to rank on the site. If you are looking for any suggestions or information related to the keywords search results then it can help in that as well. 

    8. Long Tail Pro

    If you are into something which is more prevalent and has high-class service, then you need to check out LongTailPro. Their service is cloud-based and they are a premium service. This means that you can’t have access to it until you subscribe to their plans. It provides features that let you display all the higher ranking or top results for your keywords. If you type in keywords in particular then it also gives a report about the changes and edits to the content in the near future. 

    Final Verdict

    With these mentioned tools, you can complete the research for your next blog or the company that you are working at. It will make your task easier. Also, the effort that you put in to rank your web page will finally get the right direction by inserting the right keywords as per the domain without missing out on the trending ones. 

    Hopefully, this article might have enlightened your research and helped you find the right tool to help you in the process. Before deciding on any of these applications or tools do consider every factor and you won’t get it wrong.


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