Anyone who owns a website will one day need to take in payments as well. Monetization of blogs and websites is one of the top motives of many people. But for doing so you will need some payment platform or application which makes your task easier. One of those sources which is quite famous and used worldwide is PayPal. It is a popular source of collecting payment and is also used by most people, making it a preferred choice by many for the same reason.

    For using PayPal, you will need some plugin that can make the process a cakewalk for you. You do not have to worry because WordPress has many options when it comes to plugins. For PayPal, it has plenty of options. But it makes the task more difficult because you will have to select from the pool of options. You do not need to worry about that problem because we have taken care of that thing with our blog. In this guide, we have mentioned some of the best plugins for WordPress to accept payment from PayPal. You can read the entire blog and finalise which one fits right into your list. Without spending any further time, let’s start with the blog:


    WPForms is one of the best plugins for WordPress and is also very user friendly. Even if someone has just started on with their journey of the web world, they will easily be able to use it. With this plugin, you can easily create contact forms as well. You can also use its already built templates for customization or other reasons. 


    MemberPress is a WordPress plugin for the ones who create courses or need the digital download option. They also offer direct integration to the PayPal application. With this plugin, your users and visitors can easily use the pictures, videos, posts or any kind of a media file from your website with no offers made.

    Easy Digital Downloads

    With the name itself, you can understand that the plugin specialises in digital download will be helpful in making the digital downloads easier and simpler. The plugin has inbuilt integration into all the kinds of versions of PayPal like basic, premium or poor. But it is not limited to just PayPal, but other payment options are also easily integrated. 

    Formidable Forms

    Formidable Forms are a simple, and unique plugin which is used for generating many types of forms. It is so nicely designed that you can even generate difficult or complex forms with this. It also has a drag-and-drop builder, which makes the process even simpler for its users. This even helps in creating those complex forms in a direct way. 


    WooCommerce is a popular WordPress plugin that has many features in various departments. Its PayPal plugin is user friendly and can be easily accessed by newbies too. Its eCommerce plugin provides the feature of receiving the payment of PayPal which is the basic purpose of this plugin. It is also helpful in integrating it to the woocommerce source of payment. With this plugin, you can deal with products and subscriptions. 

    Final Thoughts

    Nothing can be as difficult as selecting one option when you have so many excellent options. With this blog, we have tried to bring to you the best of the options so you can make the final decision based on these options and your list of requirements. Wiel decision you should check for the most essential features and then make the decision. It is simple and with this guide, it will be easier for you. 


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