Woocommerce hosting is a great way for success for your online business. There are no chances that you get to make any mistakes in choosing the web hosting for this. It is considered best for growing any kind of business online. If you have chosen the wrong WooCommerce hosting then your business can suffer a lot in terms of safety and speed.  

    Though it can be easily done on WordPress hosting sites, it is essential that you make the decision by considering the best hosting providers for WooCommerce hosting. In this article, we have covered some of the best WooCommerce hosting sites for your WooCommerce business. But let’s first understand what is WooCommerce hosting?

    Woocommerce hosting

    You can get it from the name itself that WooCommerce hosting is a kind of WordPress hosting that is curated for a WooCommerce site. These sites are optimized for the WooCommerce sites specifically. The features like SSL certificate, backup, and site staging are all available in this hosting. They have better performance, and free access to many tools and applications are add-ons for you. 

    The customer support and backup help your site to be handled easily. After knowing about the WooCommerce hosting sites let’s jump right into some of the best options for these sites:

    Best Woocommerce hosting providers

    Liquid Web

    If you want a web hosting provider which is not just limited to sites then you should definitely consider Liquid Web. They are considered as one of the best WooCommerce hosting providers. Following are the features of Liquid Web as a WooCommerce hosting provider:

    • They provide 30 GB storage and 3 TB bandwidth. 
    • They have 500 orders at most for one hour. 
    • They can handle the traffic well with automatic scaling.
    • Single click staging
    • CDN is built in their sites
    • Back-up at night with no manual actions needed
    • Image optimization


    Apart from shared WordPress hosting, Siteground is also an amazing option for WooCommerce. It is also an affordable option for beginners. There is not much difference between its managed WordPress hosting landing page and that of the WooCommerce site. With its WooCommerce site you get the following features:

    • For security, they have WAF and backups of the data. 
    • They provide staging sites and SSL certificates for free. 
    • Caching and automatic updates are also included in the features. 
    • They even have tools for installing WordPress or WooCommerce.


    Bluehost is one of the best hosting providers no matter which type of hosting you are considering. Their features and services’ quality and level are not alien to anyone. They even have dedicated hosting that you can subscribe to at a low cost. Following are the features of Bluehost’s WooCommerce hosting:

    • As for freebies, they provide you with a free domain name and SSL certificate. 
    • You also get unmetered bandwidth and WooCommerce which is pre-installed in the hosting site. 
    • They provide support during the set-up of your website which lasts for at least 3 hours. 


    Kinsta is popularly known for its performance and infrastructure. They are a managed WordPress hosting that also offers WooCommerce hosting options. The speed and optimization of the hosting site are amazing which positively affects your business. Apart from this, they have many other features as well:

    • Multiple data centers for better server speed and 200 GB bandwidth. 
    • Auto-scaling and server-level caching are included in the WooCommerce hosting plan. 
    • For security, they have WAF, an SSL certificate, and malware scanning. 
    • You can have up to 100000 visitors, 30 GB storage, and 5 WordPress installs.


    One of the most popular WordPress web hosting providers is DreamHost. It is so popular for WordPress web hosting because it gives very specific and specially curated plans for WordPress websites. Even when you have a WooCommerce store you will get the individual features and options for running these websites. 

    • As for freebies, it offers a free SSL certificate for entering safety. It also has a free domain name which is free for one year. 
    • They have dedicated support for their customers and also 3 calls for any queries or support for every month. 
    • It is enriched with features and has many professional and advanced options for the store to make it more authentic. 

    WP Engine

    Another premium managed WordPress hosting is WP Engine. It has a great infrastructure for large scale websites. It can handle the high traffic stores easily and also has features which can help in better management of the site. It is enriched with Frau which guarantees a safe and secure website with the security of the data and information of the website and the store. 

    • They have a free SSL certificate and free access to the framework. 
    • To improve the performance it also offers the CDN. 
    • For safety, it has automatic backups. 


    InMotion is a high-end web hosting service that has features that can help in improving the performance of a WooCommerce store. There is no end to their features which are also robust and effective for the website speed and performance. 

    • It has a never-ending list of freebies which starts with an SSL certificate, free domain, SSD storage and website migration.
    • Along with those it also has advertising credit, email accounts and site staging all for free. 

    To Conclude

    So, with all this information it will be easier for you to find the perfect hosting site for your business. Pick any of the mentioned sites as per your requirement and set up your site. The enrichment in the features is one of the factors to check these options. Most of them have freebies and features for improving the site’s speed and performance. Enlist all your requirements and decide which one stands on the top. 


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