Many bloggers think of starting their website. This can be very simple. Just being with WordPress. It has the most features that a blogger needs. But the real struggle starts when you need to move your existing site into another site. This is very difficult especially for the ones who have no idea about the process. 

    The major concern that people have while moving the site from one to another is downtime. During the process, the viewers might witness the broken site because of the moving. Make sure that your site doesn’t suffer from downtime for long. In this article we will discuss some of the best WordPress migration plugins for your website:

    1. Duplicator Migrate WordPress

    Duplicator has its name established as one of the most famous WordPress plugins to move sites. It is suggested by many professional bloggers and WordPress users. You can simply download the plugin on your current website for further process. You will then proceed with the task in which the content is transferred in the form of a file which is 2 in number. Your next task would be to post all these files on your new website. To ease the process duplicator provides a feature in which you can directly find content or data and replace it instantly. But if you own a bigger website then suggestions say that the paid version would be more helpful for you. 

    2. Migrate Guru

    If you are someone who is searching for a Ree WordPress plugin for moving your site then you need to go nowhere else. The migrate guru has proved to be an ultimate option for moving bigger sites. It is often seen those website owners who own larger sites tend to search for such plugins. They think that to move to larger sites they will have to spend more money. Unlike many plug-ins which require you to transfer files one by one and then upload them. But a migration guru doesn’t require you to do that.

    3. All-in-One WP Migration

    All-in-One WP Migration is just like what its name suggests. It is one of the most preferred WordPress plugins for moving sites. The plugin is used for many things like basically for the migration. This is our concerned department and it does integration through different locations. After transferring your file to another site you will then have to install all these plugins. But when you are trying to migrate to bigger sites you can face trouble. This is why it is advised to use its paid version for the migration of larger sites. 

    4. UpdraftPlus

    Another free and effective migration plugin is UpdraftPlus. You can freely use the wordpress plugin for saving your data. This will keep your data secure. You can use it on but if you need to transfer or restore the data then there would be a problem. For this action aid version is required. 

    5. Your Host’s Migration Plugin

    If you are already using a web hosting site for your new website then your tension might be lessened. Many web hosting companies offer the service of website migration on their own platform. So if your new website is providing it then you need not worry. You can even keep this factor as a check when selecting a new web hosting. Many of the companies offer it for free which means at no additional cost.

    Remember that migration of your site is extremely necessary and also choosing the best WordPress migration plugin is important. You need to check if you own a larger site or a smaller site. if you own a smaller site then you can work with the free application or plugin. But for larger sites paid versions are more preferred. Check for yourself all the features and steps then only you must make the decision.


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