WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform that lets many kinds of users and webmasters thrive. The number of WordPress users is increasing every day, which also creates a demand for plugins too. To stay engaged with the users and subscribers, you will need different ways. The most effective and cheapest way to do that is a newsletter. To create a newsletter easily, you will need the WordPress newsletter plugin. In this blog, we will enlist the top plugins for the WordPress newsletter, which will be both free and paid.

    WP Mail SMTP

    The best WordPress newsletter on our list is WP Mail SMTP. The features and functions on this list allow the users to send transactional mail. This means your mail will not reach the spam box of the receiver, which is a common problem. This ensures that your emails are delivered and provides many significant tools too for extra benefits. 


    The websites which are into subscriptions too should check the WPForms. They are popular for their subscription forms and also for the custom forms. It’s easier to connect the email marketing service with the forms. They also have hundreds of pre-built templates for your website, which also provides templates for the newsletter forms too. 


    One of the most excellent pop-up plugins which we would recommend to you through this blog would be the OptinMonster. This has the features which help in building Marketing pop-ups for your website. We all know the significance of pop-ups. These pop-ups will lead you to more subscribers. This user-friendly plugin has variety in design and style which sets right with any niche.


    Many websites conduct giveaways very often. RafflePress is an amazing option for that. You can quickly create a newsletter with its help. It has many features and additional tools which make it happen. You will be able to run a contest on the website. With this, you will also be able to engage more visitors because to enter the contest, they will have to fill out the form. 

    The Newsletter Plugin

    Email marketing is a primary way to gain more subscribers. With The Newsletter plugin, you will be able to create content on the WordPress dashboard. It is because they have a visual composer. This visual composer opens inside WordPress. They also have drag-and-drop features that let you bring content and layout to your email creation. 

    SendPress Newsletters

    For anyone or any beginner who is looking for a budget option or a free option should go for SendPress Newsletters. This free plugin has various functions and is enriched with features. You can use this with WP Mail SMTP too. You can compare it with was rich text editor which can let you add the shortcut for codes. This plugin can easily handle numerous emails too.

    Email Subscribers and Newsletters

    Another free plugin on our list is Email Subscribers and Newsletters. This plugin has many similar features to The Newsletter plugin. You can directly send the email marketing newsletter to your users. It also lets you share notifications regarding new posts too. This plugin can help you with unlimited newsletter and subscribers, which is marvelous for being a free plugin. 

    Final Words

    The newsletter is one of the ways which helps in keeping the contact between you and your user alive. Most of the time, after gaining users and subscribers, webmasters forget to stay engaged with them. But a newsletter is a simple and affordable way to do that. The above-mentioned WordPress plugins are very useful and will make creating and sharing newsletters way easier for you. 


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