Do you know how important On-site SEO is? It is considered an essential part of your digital marketing process. Many times, website owners or digital marketers do all the efforts for website optimization and digital success but forget to check if they are covering all the aspects. Digital marketing is a tough thing, and I said to take some guidance or assistance from experts. Experts and professionals will provide you with better and guaranteed results. 

    If you are wondering about the On-Page SEO for your website and don’t have a clue about where you should start, then today we will recommend you a tool with which you can improve the Onsite SEO of your website. ClickFlow is a tool that is used for this purpose. In this blog, we will discuss everything about this tool so you can get an idea about its features, services, price and everything else that is required for this process. 

    What is ClickFlow?

    ClickFlow is a tool that will increase your website traffic organically. While most tools and websites work for creating more and more backlinks. This gives them better exposure and recognition. They even try publishing quality content regularly, but they sometimes are unable to achieve it. But Click Flow will get this without any of the above things but by only improving the On-Page SEO. 

    Features of Click Flow

    There are many features for better On-site SEO that Click Flow provides. 

    • They have a test that will give you results about the sharpness of your SEO game. You can individually check which of the pages from your website are performing effectively on an SEO basis. 
    • Along with the previous feature they have an addon in which they have grouped and single URL testing. The websites which are of a larger scale can really benefit from this because it will save time by not having to check every website individually. 
    • It also has reporting and notification features. When you are doing any test, the reports are saved and the notifications help you in knowing about certain activities. 
    • They also have a revenue calculator and URLs grouping feature. It is essential for those websites which are monetizing through their content and website. As soon as we start using this tool you will be able to calculate and keep a track of your revenue.

    Advantages of using ClickFlow

    While you can find many advantages of Click Flow in this section, we have mentioned some of the significant ones. 

    • First of all, everyone loves free stuff. This is why Clickflow has a free trial for its users for 21 days. This gives them a chance to understand the tool better and make better decisions. 
    • It also offers chat support, which is incredible. It is unusual for this kind of tool to offer chat support. It helps the users get answers for their queries related to various matters. 
    • They have also posted the knowledge base on their website for guidance. This comprises many blogs which have how-to and different guides. They also have FAQs that answer many frequently asked questions. 
    • They are working to release a feature for the recommendations too. Though they have given the news that they are planning for it. The feature is yet to be introduced for the function. 

    Disadvantages of using ClickFlow

    It is hard to find the disadvantages of using this app. But we have still managed to find some of the drawbacks which we are sharing with you. 

    • If your website does not have 100000 visits per month, then it will not be able to provide the process results. This might be bad news for beginners as it is impossible to gain 100k traffic every month to your website. This hinders the results entirely and won’t be of any use to you. It is also essential that the traffic you are having is organic. This means that the entire traffic and the visit should be organic. 
    • The feature that they have mentioned for making all the URLs in one group cannot be found in any other plan than the premium. So the ones who are ogi for the starter or the standard plan should look into it. You won’t be able to use it because of the limitation. It also makes using the feature more expensive as many users cannot always afford to go for the premium plan. 
    • They have already announced the recommendation feature. This can be a great thing. But the drawback is that it was just announced and is not available for the users yet. 


    After learning everything about ClickFlow now we should discuss the pricing of this tool. For many premium users or established websites, pricing might not be the biggest concern. but when it comes to the beginners who have just started out it will require to know the division of all the plans. 

    Starter – The starter pack of Click Flow costs $109. In this plan, you will get at most 50000 visits. You can also enjoy a free trial for a duration of 21 days, which can be beneficial. 

    Standard – The standard plan of ClickFlow provides 125000 visits. It will cost you $19 for one month. You will get 21 days of free trial for this plan as well. 

    Premium – If you have a growing website, then you should get the premium plan. This will cost you $625. In this plan, you will get at most 250000 visits. This plan also provides a free trial as the former. 

    Enterprise – There is another plan for this tool, which is for big enterprises. The cost of this plan is not disclosed. For this, you will need to contact them. But in this plan, you will get 250000 visits. 

    Final Thought

    We have included everything from the meaning to features of the Clickflow tool. You can also understand the work better by checking the pros and cons section, which is well evaluated to give a better idea about the tool. It has many features and advantages. If you find it useful for your website and have more than 100k visits per month, then you should give it a try. The tool is also exceptional because it provides optimization which is generally not provided in these kinds of tools. It will not only help you while posting new content but the existing content too. A split test of the new pages is very convenient.


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