WordPress is considered one of the best platforms for starting your website. It is especially great for bloggers and new business owners. Whenever someone is talking about WordPress one thing which is heard or said about it is that WordPress is SEO optimized. Well, it is true that WordPress is SEO optimized and you do not have to put in a lot of effort to make it successful. And we support your decision of choosing WordPress as the platform for your website. But there are times when you have to keep a check on WordPress. 

    For starters when people or experts say that WordPress is SEO optimized they are right. You can freely start your website on it. But the real task begins after you have started to work on it. WordPress will need to have many steps performed before you think your website will rank. 

    First, you need to keep an eye on duplicate content. Duplicate content can be created for many reasons. But this will definitely affect your website, its performance, and the ranking. This is why it is suggested by experts that you fix these duplicate content in time. In the following blog, we have explained the major reasons for duplicate content and ways in which you can fix it. 

    Common problems for duplicate content


    Every time you are creating a tag for your WordPress post the WordPress is automatically creating a new post. This means that you are creating duplicate content without actually creating it. With creating tags in your post some relevant other posts will be created. These posts or tags will be competing with themselves. This means that your competition is your own post and tags. This is why it is suggested to post without an index.


    A similar problem is with categories because of which there are created similar posts in categories. When you are posting categories, Google is confused about which post to show. It is also suggested in the case of categories to not create any index. 


    URL is also one of the reasons for creating duplicate content. When you use a URL for tracking or coding purposes it automatically generates two similar links. You might find help from it by knowing about your visitors but it will confuse google about your post and will ultimately decrease your ranking. No matter which parameter you are adding to your URL, it will face the same problem. The content will be duplicated and can only be fixed when you see it for yourself. 


    Filters are the type of direction that is useful for many companies. Mostly it is used by some e-commerce companies. The last time you shopped you might have seen the filter and sorting option for a better experience. It’s something. This sorting sometimes leads to duplicate links. 

    Parameter Orders

    This one is a very usual type of duplicate content. It is an order of different parameters where due to stuffing the duplicate content is created. 

    Fixing the duplicate content issue

    This might seem difficult but it is not. Fixing duplicate content may take some time but with a few steps, it will be fixed. But before starting the fixing it is necessary that you avoid creating or happening such duplicate content and use tools or software to identify them. 

    But once it is done you can fix it with various measures one of which is using a canonical link. In this, your link juice will be navigated to the original canonical. The other one is by redirecting it with 301. It is impossible to fix certain duplicities for which navigating to original canonical is the only way. 

    While you have learned all about duplicate content, how it is generated, and ways to fix it. It might seem simple in reading but in the actual situation, it is sometimes neglected. This is why fixing it becomes harder which will affect your website performance and ranking. Keep a good eye on these situations and avoid such incidents.


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