You might have seen many influencers and bloggers using giveaways as a big source for getting more audience and increasing engagement. Well, it is truly a great source for getting more traffic to your website. It is used by many people and has successfully shown its results. This will not only gather traffic to your page or website but will also increase the chances of higher exposure. It is also used by many bloggers and website owners for creating an official email list to get in touch with the viewers and readers. 

    If you continuously follow any blogging site or website you might have seen them running many giveaways. These giveaways should be related to your website or blogging type. Only in this way, you will get the benefit of the giveaway otherwise you will just be catching attention due to which you won’t be able to of your niche or type. But you should focus more on getting more traffic and attention in which case this strategy is helpful.¬†

    If you are new to the industry then you might not know much about the giveaways. In this article, we will help you in getting a better strategy for giveaways. There are many settings and set-ups which are required for giveaways that are not manageable for a newbie. For getting or setting a better and easier giveaway contest you should take help of some tools for item one of the tools which is highly recommended and is a significant option for organizing a giveaway contest is Gleam. 

    The tool Gleam is very effective and can be used for multiple sources to organize the giveaway. Apart from your website you can use it on YouTube channels for running giveaways. You can also use it for giveaway contests on Instagram and Facebook pages too which is also an influential application for bloggers or website owners. 

    Why should you pick Gleam for the contest of giveaways?

    Organizing a giveaway is an amazing way to create a strong email list as well as for engaging the audience. But some of the times the results or investment return is not as much as expected. Focusing on the growth of your social media and website should be a better choice for you at this point when you are just growing. 

    Some of the giveaways are brand-oriented too. So if your giveaway is sponsored then you can add those commissions or incentives for running the giveaway. This will also help your sponsors in getting a better response 

    While many times the website owners or bloggers entirely focus on getting a strong email list you can also use it for getting better exposure and higher traffic on your social media accounts too. The tool supports the contest or giveaway on all the platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. You do not have to put in much effort in organizing the contest because they provide you with some samples of how it will be done and look. 

    For anyone who is starting on this big idea for the first time, they can follow the detailed guide and also set the right conditions for the participants. You can add the option for the email list as well. After this, you can also add this contest to the page. Embed the post and then click on the install option. Once you are done with the process you will then have to choose the winner. It should be shown directly on the widget so it will save time and effort and make it more accessible for the viewers as well to see.

    Gleam is a wonderful app or tool which you can use for organizing contests. By following the above guide and knowing the benefits you can start up yourself for the next contest that you will organize.


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