Google is bringing new algorithms and changes now and then to improve its user’s experience. In these additions, one of the actions which were done recently and have taken attention from all the digital marketers and website owners is Google Core Web Vitals. This is an amazing addition that Google has brought. With it, you can check the performance of your website and its speed. You might be thinking that it can be done by 

    What is Google Core Web Vitals?

    Google core web vitals are the newest addition to Google’s core algorithm and website factors. It will help your website to achieve better performance and high speed. Website security is one thing that brings tension to any website user and the vital will help you with that. It will also provide improvement with the site amps and mobile-friendliness of your website. In the section below, you can know more about its functions. 

    How does it help your website?

    Google‘s algorithm is one thing that is ever-improving and changing. This vital is another thing which is added. Though it is not new and has been in the algorithm since 2010 if you have ever noticed. This was introduced to make the user experience and the website better with other algorithms. There are certain factors for which Google Core Web Vital especially takes concern. Let’s see what it brings for its users:

    • For improving the page load time and monitoring it, they have LCP. It will check the page loading time from the user’s side. 
    • Another factor that makes a perfect website is how interactive it is with the user and you can check it with the FID
    • For better visualization and representation, you get the CLS

    Process of improving your website’s Core Web Vitals

    Below are the points which will be provided by the website core web vitals and your website :

    Image optimization

    Every website needs to keep the image optimized. The images are used by websites every day on their landing page, the home page, profile or in the content and articles that they publish. But the storage of these websites is limited. This is why Google core web vitals will also help you in the process and make it better for your website.

    Websites security

    One thing that website owners are always concerned about and are also a matter of tension is website security. Everything getting faster and quicker also brings danger to your website. The threat of scams, viruses and errors that can cause crashes and downtime. Google web vital will keep a check on it. 

    Makes it mobile-friendly

    The latest era is not of computer systems or laptops, but smartphones. Every person has a phone in their hand. They use it for accessing any kind of website or tools. This is why it is necessary that your website is mobile-friendly. The vital will keep a check on it and provide various suggestions after monitoring to make it mobile-friendly.

    Wrapping Up

    Google Core Web Vitals is an important change. It helps your website perform better. It will also increase your website ranking in the Google search results, which is a big motive for any website owner. Not only this, but it will also impact the user experience which most digital marketers try to achieve in their day-to-day tasks. This offers your website better optimization of Javascript, CSS, images and web server. 
    Some users ignore this because with SEO optimization they can achieve many of it but it will be an advanced step in your journey. This will be especially helpful for the new users who do not have made much effort in these sections.


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