It is true that bloggers, website owners, and digital marketer are giving their best to get their websites and online business be SEO optimized. They are performing all the actions for the optimization which starts from building backlinks, creating informative and quality content, and even SEO strategies. But even after this, they miss out on a simple thing that is only around the corner for their website success that is snippets. 

    What are the featured snippets?

    Google featured snippets are basically results of on Google search engine. This is displayed in boxes that are upside the other results which are of Google. These aren’t the organic results. The difference between the snippets and organic results is that you will be shown the URL of the result in the organic results. 

    Everything about Google snippets

    There are four kinds of snippets that are shown in the results of Google they are as follows:

    • The first one is in paragraphs
    • Then you can find these snippets in the form of a list
    • Next, they are available in the table formats
    • And lastly, they are shown in video form. These are basically the YouTube videos of that search. 
    • There are some searches or questions in Google which have more results as snippets, and you can also filter the search with the help of Google’s features. 

    Finding more opportunities for featured snippets

    In this section you will find new ways of finding keywords through featured snippets:

    With low hanging fruits

    This process can be performed with any kind of rank tracker. For starting you have to first reach the position tab. After this out the ranking of the posts where your rankings range between 1-5. But don’t include the SERPs. These SERPs have the ranking where your snippets are already featured. It is as simple as this. Post this you can check the keywords listing for all the content or posts you have ranked for. If you find any other websites which are featuring the snippets for the same keyword then it is advised that you just understand what they have done and try to create something better than that. 

    By hijacking the featured snippets

    Unlike what you did in the previous section in this one you have to include the featured snippets but of your competitors. For this, you will have to enter the domain of your competition for the research on the organic tool. But make sure you don’t select more than one filter. By this, you can easily find the ranking and keywords of your competitors for the featured snippets. You can make it better by even comparing all the keywords that you have killed in this research. With these keywords, you can get an idea about the performance of your competitor or else you can also use these keywords for your content and better ranking.

    Seed keyword could be helpful

    When the users have experience in blogging and the SEO Matrix they won’t find it difficult for the keyword research. Even creating a new list of keywords that may be primary or secondary would be an easy task for an experienced blogger or SEO marketer. But in this section, we will discuss how you can enter a seed keyword and get more competitive and relevant keywords. For this, you just have to type a seat keyword on the box and then you will receive a list with which you can cover many topics. 

    Optimization for featured snippets

    If you are also planning to get yourself or your website featured on Google snippets then here are some tips and tricks that will help you in the process. These tips will help you in getting better optimization so that you can get featured on Google snippets. Below points will help you in achieving the results in the process:

    We all reach Google mostly with questions and queries. You should apply this simple funda in your snippets game as well. You should focus on the keywords which are questions that will increase your chances of featuring. Mostly take in the words like why, how, and what this will help you in the process. This will directly increase your chances by 480 percent of getting featured in the Google snippets because almost 90 percent of snippets results are from the questionnaire. 

    Take care of the word length as well which is also an important factor in the snippets display. It is observed that the snippets of the word length around 40 to 59 words have higher chances of getting the display in the search engine. This is applied mostly in the snippets which are in paragraphs that get affected mostly by the word length. 

    You might have even observed that the snippets of paragraphs which are shown are of a 51-word length and the results are achieved more easily and simply. 

    Listers and pointers always take viewers’ and audience’s attention because these are easier and quicker to understand. Even Google values these more. And if your list has more points then the snippets also tend to display. To be specific it is speculated that when you enlist more than 8 points then there are higher chances of showing up on Google snippets. 

    Using media and images then it tends to rank in the Google snippets. Try adding a dozen images in your content and you might get featured on the Google snippets. 

    Make it easy to read and understand. The snippets which are getting featured on

    Google has the readability and understandability of a 7th grader. 

    After reading the entire blog you might have understood the Google snippets and it’s the concept to get featured on the search engine. Follow all the above-mentioned steps and you will increase your chance of getting featured. 


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