Google has brought the latest and updated version of Google Analytics. This one is named Google Analytics 4. This version of Google has promised to provide more information so you can prepare for further processes. Earlier, the platform was used for doing the analysis of the website traffic and user experience. But this one has additional benefits and features with it. Until now, there is no restriction on having the Google Analytics 4, but you will need to install it and create your account. Now let’s check the additional benefit of Google analytics 4. 


    Reports are something that you can use for accessing the information on your website. In this, you will get the current reports. Not only this but the life cycle and other reports related to the user are also given. It has to get the app. Then it will report to you about the engagement on the report. Ecommerce stores as well will have reports about the revenue, performance, and other things. In the report, they also include the customer or users they retained and their demographics. You will get to know the technology better.


    Under exploration, you will receive more than just advanced techniques. Google says that it has the report standards to provide the users with better information regarding the customer’s behavior so that they can use it to analyze the data better and then collect it for further use.


    Advertising is not just promotional and marketing but it also includes the data of the users which they have collected by now that can be used for getting more conversion and traffic. This will help you in getting a better insight into the budget of your site and the revenue you are gaining from the investment. 

    Configure and measurement id

    In the configuration, you will get to arrange the events and schedule different things for your audience. Its tool will also help you in monitoring your actions. With ID you can track the properties which start with G. 

    Setting up the GA4

    Setting up Google analytics 4 is simple and with this guide, you will be able to do it ‌easily. For this, you need to do the configuration of G4A on the current Universal Property. First, you need to login to the account. When you enter the GA4 account, you will see the iconic gear. It is on the left-hand side of the screen. You will see it in the admin settings. Just click on that gear. After this, you will see the column of property you have to click on the middle one of the GA4 set-up assistant. On the page of Google Analytics 4, you will have to go to stay on the Property Settings and then tap on the button which says get started. 

    Installing GA4 

    In this section, we will discuss the easiest way in which you can install Google Analytics 4. For this, you will need to go to the google tag manager. Through this, you won’t find any difficulty in installing it. It is simple to use Google tag manager. For this, you have to go to the tag manager and then tap on the option of a new tag, which is on the section of tag type. Here you have to click on the Google analytics 4 as the configuration. You will find your measurement ID, which begins with G, then copy and paste it on the right-field where it is required. Here you will add a page review trigger. This should be added to every page. After doing all these steps, you just have to publish it. Then these changes will be made, and the process is completed.


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