Blogging has become a popular profession now. Many people have shifted from their regular work to blogging and one of the major sources of income of bloggers is affiliate marketing. They use this as their prime source of income. But there are times when they have to struggle with the affiliate links. This is due to the SEO perspective which leads to this issue. They want to know if these affiliate links and their website will grow or not. 

    And while the website is growing they should not even get any penalty due to these affiliate links. For that, you will need to post content that is of high quality and should be insightful for people. There are many websites that have at least 1 or 2 affiliate links in all their posts. This might seem simple but there are many factors which they keep in mind so that their websites or they are not penalized by Google in any way. 

    In this blog we will be telling you all the tips that will help you in taking care of your website related to affiliate links:

    You can start by using the plug-in in the right way. You might already be using a WordPress plugin for your website so you should, first of all, go to the settings of the plug-in. Then you must add a no-follow attribute. This step will ensure that all the links which are using this plugin will not be going to previous affiliate links. 

    You can perform this task with any plugin. That can be free or premium. It doesn’t matter if this feature is available to all. 

    No matter if your affiliate links are created manually or dynamically it is mandatory for all these affiliate marketers to clear the program which is rel=” sponsored ”’.This is information or you can say an update by Google itself for all their marketers. If these actions are not taken by the website then Google itself will take further actions for those sites. 

    It is necessary to add rel=” sponsored” this in your posts. The Google algorithm and system will detect these posts and websites and these sites will be seen differently by Google. To not face any such issue it is advised to add rel=” sponsored” it on your post and website from now on. 

    Process of adding rel=” sponsored” to your affiliate links

    You might have decided by now that you are going to add it to your links but you might know the process to add it. So do not worry, here is the guide to do it. In this section, we will explain to you in different solutions how you can add it on your affiliate links and then mask your affiliate links through that. 

    Basically, you can perform it on any of the plug-ins with the help of the following steps. Here we have explained the process for Pretty Links:

    First of all, what you need to do is to go to the plugin, then reach the options section where you will find the options tab. Then click on the enable sponsored. With these steps, you will be able to add rel=” sponsored” to your affiliate links. It is advised that you do the same with your old links as well. You shall also use some good plugins for your website.


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