Law firms have many ongoing tasks every day. You cannot foresee which kind of task you will have in the next hour. But there are also many things which have their deadlines and time frame under which you have to submit them. You cannot ignore those deadlines or task completion at any cost. These kinds of scenarios are quite common in law firms. But it is not possible to keep a record of it and remember it. Especially when considering the amount of pressure and work which is regular. 

    There is no chance of getting away from the deadlines. The entire profession is based on this system because of the legal matters and cases involved. It also goes with the reputation of the law firm. All the matters involve deadlines or datelines, as every client has a different case. It is sometimes difficult to remember all these things. Earlier, when there was no digitalization it was very tough for the litigations and attorneys to keep in mind these due dates. But with digitalization and modern technologies, it has become a lot simpler to manage these tasks.

    When there was no digitalization they used to make these dates on the calendars manually to keep a track of all these dates and not to slip it from their was not simply to maintain this calendar. It is because the attorneys don’t have to take on only one matter or case. They are involved in tens and hundreds of cases. And every day new cases pile up on their desk or task sheet. 

    When you go for a court rules-based calendar for your legal software, then the date recording becomes easier. If the dates or law get adjusted or amended, then in the cloud-based software the changes are done and then recorded in this software as well. It means even if there are changes, the software or the tool will record them automatically.

    Law toolbox

    Law toolbox is a calendar tool that helps the user in keeping track off and record the due date and deadlines of the case. It is a court rule-based calendar tool. This will keep a record of all the cases and their dates by charging you $49.5 for every case. This charge is included till the date the case is not resolved. The charges are separate for each case. The software is integrated into Outlook so that you can keep track of other dates and events, too. is an essentially useful software or tool for legal firms and attorneys. It is, first of all, a free toll, which means no extra cost. You can find this software on the official website of You can easily create timers on these tools too with customization. It is possible to track the due date before or after the event. 


    Calendar Rules is another court rule-based calendar tool that helps in maintaining the due date of the deadline for the use or any event. This can also be synced with the outlook for making the process easier for the firms and attorneys. It is a premium tool and its charges vary depending on the number of cases. You can even avail of discounts with mass cases for this tool. 

    Final thoughts

    With technology and digitization, it has become simpler for legal firms and attorneys to keep a record of all this information. They can easily record and check it at any time with the help of this new technology. Though there were many technologies and systems which became popular for the legal calendar but with the cloud-based systems, the process became a lot easier. With cloud-based systems, you can get access to the information and latest knowledge of the rules and dates. All the above-mentioned tools and software are amazing and can help your firm and lawyers in keeping track of the events and deadlines. 


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