In this time of the pandemic, many people have gone online with their passions or businesses. That is why it is important that your website has everything in command and in place. A website includes many things when it comes to ranking. We all know how difficult it is to rank a website. This involves many matters. One of the things which heavily affects your website running and performance is the uptime of your website. 

    You might have seen or read this several times that the website and its server’s uptime make a big difference in the ranking and performance. If your website does not have the appropriate uptime then you might even get notified of the performance. This will directly affect performance and your revenue from the website. Especially for bloggers for whom website performance is the most crucial factor.

    This will bring down the search engine optimization process. It is hard to say what is the one reason for the low uptime of your website. But one of the main reasons is considered as the poor performing website servers. It won’t change the issue for which reason your website is causing the problem of downtime but the solution has to be the same. But for even getting the solution you must get notifications for this situation. 

    There is no fixed time when your website can be down. You might as well not know about it for hours and since then your website has been facing downtime. It is also possible that your website has already faced downtime and you have no knowledge of it. It is necessary that you know that your website has faced downtime. If you do not have the knowledge you will also not know about the loss of income you just suffered because of this downtime. This is an internet world where website performance and downtime are crucial. 

    After knowing about these issues it is also necessary that you also know about the proper solution to this problem. There are services that inform you about the website downtime through emails, or SMS. In this blog, we have enlisted some of the best services to help you find one for your website monitoring. 


    Monitis is the best free uptime monitoring service. This is a great option for the newbies who don’t want to spend on this service. You can also enjoy the navigation online which will be helpful for your website. It can be a little tricky at the start but once you get hold of it it will be proved very beneficial for you and your website. 

    Manage WP Website Uptime Monitor

    Manage WP uptime monitor is another free tool for the users. It is a specially curated software that helps in managing the WordPress website. It is popular among WordPress users. You can get a notification on this service whenever your website is facing downtime.

    Uptime Robot

    If you want to go for the current popular service for uptime monitoring, then Uptime robot is the right answer. This is a great service which has a free as well as paid version. You can always upgrade in case you want to monitor more than 50 websites. This is a user-friendly service that won’t take long for you to understand. 

    Jetpack Website Monitor

    Jetpack is a perfect free uptime monitoring service. This time its users about the downtime through email. This is another great option for WordPress users. This is considered a great choice for being a free option, but it lacks the SMS option. It is not possible for everyone to check their emails all the time. Other than that, it is a very useful solution. 

    Parting Thoughts

    After knowing about all the consequences of having downtime on your website, you have also found the solution to it. In this blog, you have seen many services which will help in monitoring the uptime of your website. You can choose the best amongst them according to you, so the next time you face such an issue, you know about it and make proper solutions at the same time and lose no revenue.


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