Bloggers have a big-time struggle because it is a hard job and gives less return. The Thing takes a long time to grow. It is more difficult for beginners because they are not in a position to invest big in the business. This is why it is difficult for them to find many websites. The best choice they have for starting out is always WordPress. It is considered to be one of the most popular options currently in the industry. 

    You can easily set up the website on it. You won’t find much difficulty in doing so because the platform is easy and user-friendly. It also requires the least effort on search engine optimization because as everyone knows it is very SEO optimized though you will need certain steps but the least amount of effort. If you have never set up a WordPress site before then here is your sign to do it. And if you are confused about how you can do it then you don’t need to worry because in this blog we will explain to you all the steps that you require for creating and setting up a WordPress site. let’s start:

    Buy a web hosting or choose a WordPress plan

    For starting a WordPress site you will need to buy a web hosting plan. Firstyle you shall choose that if you want to go with WordPress. Org or Our personal suggestion would be the former one. After that, you can either continue with the free version or go premium and expand your chances and options of monetization. Now when you are done with all of it you can choose from a pool of web hosting sites to host your WordPress site. It is completely optional apart and you can continue with the basic setup but it is helpful and makes handling a lot easier. 

    WordPress Setup

    After you have completed the above steps you can choose a domain name for your website. Then install the application for further steps. You shall continue by deciding the theme for your site. This makes your website more attractive. You can find many themes available for your website which are free. But you can also find other options in the premium version. 


    Once you get done with the theme there are other essential settings as well that you need to take care of. Fill in those details on your website to get going with it. You should also use plugins for WordPress because they make all the tasks easier for you. Installing plugins is important for your website’s performance. You can also search for plugins that are available and are most popular for WordPress sites. 


    Post-installation you should post an image for your blog site. Then start posting blogs to your site. Add images and other media to your content which is way easier than you thought. Adding images makes it more understandable for the readers. 


    Just creating a website won’t be it if your website is not optimized. Optimization makes the performance of a website better and helps it in ranking higher in the search engine results. 

    Final Verdict

    If you are wondering that there are so many steps to set up a website then you realign it wrong. It might seem a lot but it is very simple. WordPress is considered one of the easiest and user-friendly platforms for a website. You can simply follow the instructions and you will be having your website set up on WordPress in no time. Also, take post measures for growing your website because that is the most essential part of getting results.


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