Creating content is not easy. But what is more difficult is to make everyone visit that content. That is only possible when your content is visible on site. The major reason behind creating content is for it to reach the audience which is readers and the search engine so that it can rank. But this will not be done if your content is not well cited. 

    For that to happen you should create a map with which search engines will be able to find your content. One solution is to create a sitemap. With the word itself you might have figured out that it means that it will help your visitors and search engine in finding your content on your site. 

    Most website owners or loggers use this for their benefit and better visibility to their viewers. If you as well are cooking for a tutorial or guide which will tell you about sitemap and direct on how to use it then you have landed on the right page. Here we will be talking about XML sitemap. It is a great sitemap for your WordPress site. Wel will be talking about the site maps and will find out the best one for you. 

    WordPress XML sitemap

    A WordPress XML sitemap is a sitemap that will help your content to be publically accessible. It will be helpful especially for your human visitors for finding out or mapping content on your website. It is not possible or easy for your viewers or visitors to find it without the sitemap. You can call it a bunch of URLs that are for the content of your website. This will also contain other details as well as the URLs. This will set the priority for Google and it will also bring the information about the content. 

    Advantages of having XML sitemap

    For starters, you should know that XML sitemap is a basic requirement for your WordPress site and it can help your website gain more traffic and visibility. Google itself has said that it will benefit your website and won’t bring any harm. It will help the visitor in getting directed towards your site’s content. It will not force Google to do it but will let you set the priority. This will increase your chances of getting indexed by search engines. You can do these things in simple steps and it doesn’t even require much effort. It will also help you in noting the frequency of changing the page and also checking the multiple languages too. 

    Steps to create a sitemap at XML

    Creating a sitemap with XML is super easy. You can create it with Yoast SEO. By following the below steps you will be able to do it:

    First of all, install it and then activate it. 

    Then you have to enable it.

    Finally verifying your website’s sitemap. 

    Final Verdict

    Concluding it can be seen that sitemaps are extremely important for your website. All your doubts about sitemap might have been cleared by now and you could have understood the significance of sitemap for a WordPress site. It will help the viewers and search engines to find your content on site. With XML sitemap you can easily be visible for both viewers and search engines. You can start with it with the help of Yoast SEO. This will only benefit your site and won’t cause any harm. You won’t get penalized, says Google. This will be extremely useful in making it easy to find. It is effective and necessary for your WordPress website.


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