Google’s algorithm keeps changing every day. Being a digital marketer or online business owner it is necessary that you keep yourself and your website updated according to the new updates. Unlike earlier the search engine does not value quantity over quality. 

    It looks for the sites and pages which have quality content that will be beneficial for readers. We have to make sure that the site is well and has content that is helpful for readers. In this blog, you will understand what low-quality content is and how it can affect your website. After this, you will learn to find out the low-quality content and get rid of it in some good ways which will be explained in this blog. Let’s begin

    Low-Quality Content

    In the beginning, to fix your website and remove low-quality content, it is necessary that you know what low-quality content is. Low quality can be recognized in a simple way. Any content which does not serve any purpose to the audience can be considered as low-quality content. 

    If you see that your website has old content which is not valuable anymore then you should know that it is low-quality content. It will lack the required information and length to be informative. Earlier Google used to focus on the quantity of the content but that is shifted to the quality of the content.

    Ways to find low-quality content with the help of SEO traffic

    After knowing what low-quality content is you should start on the mission of finding low-quality content which will help to update your website and content:


    Check if your website or web page has any content which is duplicate or not original. Even rephrased content is taken into consideration for this list. 

    Word Count

    Every type of content or niche has its own set of word lengths. The word length decides if the content is informative or not. It will depend on the topic and description style. To check the word count of the content you can use the WP word count plugin. 

    Content with broken links

    If your content link is broken then getting it fixed instantly is the best shot to the completion of the process. For checking the broken links you can use the Broken Link Checker plugin to find and fix broken links in WordPress.

    Taking the right step towards the problem

    After detecting that your website has low-quality content it is now time that you take the necessary steps towards fixing it:

    Get the content of low quality out of your webpage

    If you see that some of your blog posts or content are not serving the purpose or not helping the audience then you should remove that content from your website. This is a good step towards having a website that is more worthy and upgraded. 

    Old or irrelevant content should be updated

    Every website has hundreds and thousands of content which they have been posting for a long time. But with time and updates, that old content turns out to be less informative or irrelevant in today’s time. This is a sign that you update all that content to make your website updated and upgraded as per today’s time. 

    Check for plagiarism

    Any content writer or creator is well aware of this term. Plagiarism means that your content is not entirely unique and needs to be changed in order to be unique. Plagiarism can be considered as duplicate content which is not new or well researched. This type of content does not rank on Google search because they are not informing any new thing which is not already told. 


    Quality content is always the best way to get your site the success you desire. Compromising on quality means compromising on the chance to get ranked, recognized, or even clicked. Make sure you check if your website needs any changes or upgrades.

    If there is a requirement for any change then make it happen. First, check the quality and thinness of the content. After that take the necessary steps which are mentioned above. It will help you in standing ahead of your competition.


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