Every new blogger or content writer dreams of having their own website and fame. It seems dreamy and amazing to have so many people talk about your content. But in reality, the picture is entirely different.

You have no money but only struggle for the longest period of time. It is because many new bloggers have no idea how they can monetize their work. It is not simple to just wake up one day and work in this direction and things will happen. 

No, instead you have to prepare for it in advance and slowly and gradually you will notice the difference. It requires patience and determination to achieve that. In this blog we have covered how you can make money blogging:

1.  Ad networks

You might be aware of this one. The ads that you see or pop up while you are reading content are the same means to your income once you are a blogger. It requires your site to perform well and then you may get ads and start monetizing your blogs. With the number of visits or views per day, you will get the ads.

2. Bring out your products

You might even have seen or heard that many websites start selling their own products. The most popular is eBooks. You can start by writing about things your blog is about. Your community might want to learn that and this will be a way to start earning and become an entrepreneur.

3. Online courses

If you are someone who is an expert and can start something which will be a form of learning for many people then this is the idea that you should go with it. Courses are trending and many people are looking forward to this. 

4. Affiliate marketing

If the ads are not working your way then you can get towards affiliate marketing. This source gets you a high amount of earnings with every single sale. It is quite a popular way and is opted by many bloggers.

5. Native advertising

You can even start earning through native advertising. This is one of the simpler ways to begin. You can find some really good platforms like Taboola, Mgid, and Outbrain to be specific. 

6. Service

With whatever talent you are showcasing or talking about in your blogs you can start providing service for that. For example, if you are doing a travel blog then you can start a travel company or a restaurant or boutique hotel in the tourism area. There can be many ways to provide services. You can find one which suits you.

7. Direct advertisements

For many, direct advertisements have been a great source of income. It also pays more than AdSense. You can use your media kit for this purpose. With simple and basic steps you can get done with it. You must start with creating leads, build contacts and then get projects. 

8. Sponsored review

For a blogger, this can be a two side win. One you will be posting about a product or service that is related to your niche and on the other hand, you can earn with it. It will keep your content going and your audience will be aware of many trending tools or services in the domain. 

9. Campaigning

No matter which type of blogging style you have opted for, campaigning can always be an option. By observing some of the brands which offer it you can contact them and pitch them with your ideas and you can also get the monetization resource with it. It is a form of collaboration in simple terms. 

Wrapping up

There are many ways in which bloggers can earn money. Especially in this era when digital platforms are at the next level. This is your chance to start your blog and work towards the direction of monetizing it.

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