Are you also someone who is looking for an Image Alt text guide for your WordPress website? Well, if it is right, then you have landed on the right page. In this blog, we will explain to you the steps of adding the image alt text. Let’s start:

    Process of adding image Alt text in WordPress

    Unlike many WordPress processes, adding image alt text is very easy. You do not have to have any definite knowledge of doing so. You can simply start the process without any technical knowledge. Some users and professionals even say that the most difficult part about the addition process of image alt text is that you will have to remember the entire process first. Yes, you heard that is the most difficult part. You have to just follow the process one by one and voila, you will be able to finish the task. In this section, we have explained how you can image text in WordPress. 

    You can even make this task a daily schedule for you. With this routine, you will get to check all the pages and posts on your website. It is done after you have completed the writing process and now it is time to image alt text. To start the process of adding the image alt text, you have to tap on the page on which you want to add or even post. Then, after tapping on that you will see an icon for editing you have to click on. Once you have done that, you will then see a dialogue beneath the caption which will say alternative text on which you will have to type the text and then set it to update. 

    With the same kind of field, you can also do this during the posting or update of the poster images. The process of adding the image was very simple. This should be done by you as a routine, as we have mentioned in the earlier passage. But remember the addition of the image alt text is not rough. You will also have to optimize the added image alt text. This step will make it more successful and effective. When you are doing the regular routine of adding it to your website in the post you should also be sure of optimizing it. If you are unaware of the steps and process with which you can optimize the image then here are some tips for that too. 

    Instead of using the shorter phrases or words in the optimization, start signing longer and complete sentences. This will be helpful for the visitors that are visiting your website for information rather they are bots or humans. It will be equally helpful. Whenever you post an image, try describing it correctly by skipping no important part. You should also start including keywords in the posts and image alt which you are adding. Keywords are very important and the best way of SEO and optimizing your posts for the website of content has certain significant keywords that they use. That is why it is essential that you insert and use keywords every time it is possible and sensible to add them. 

    You can definitely do it in the product picture on your website. Keywords will play a significant part in that thing. 

    Final Words

    Adding the image alt text is the simplest task in WordPress website handling. You can do it every time you are adding images to your website. It is necessary that you take care of it every time you are posting an image. You might think or take it as a small step, but it is essential and will significantly affect your website and its importance. Even after you have added the text, it is also important that you’re doing the optimization apart as well. 


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