Digital marketing strategies are incomplete without keyword research for sure. The term is not new and most people or users are well aware of it. It is a simple process that can be done with a few steps by using simple strategies or tools for the research. 

    It takes a long time to find out what your audience wants so the easier way is to go for keyword research with some effective keyword research tools. This will give you the right suggestions for your article or blog posts. This will help you in achieving higher traffic to your website or blog site. But the journey doesn’t end here. There is a lot more to this research that you never have thought of. 

    There can be times when you are not able to find out the best keywords which can help in ranking your web pages or websites higher on the search engine. The missed keyword might be doing a great job for your competition. This situation strikes many website owners and is known as keyword gap analysis. 

    Keyword Gap Analysis

    Before we start into the blog and understand the strategies and tools for keyword gap analysis it is necessary that you have its concepts clear. So keyword gap analysis is basically the process through which you can attract more viewers or visitors to your site or page. This will be done after finding out the keywords of your competitor’s keyword and applying that to your posts. 

    This will help you as well in attracting traffic because it also worked for your competition. In this process, you will be comparing the keyword and the ranking of your competition’s to yours. The strategy will be proven helpful to your website for getting or finding out more relevant keywords for your website to gain more traffic and audience to your website. 

    There are chances that you might be missing some of the keywords of your niche or domain from your list so you won’t have to be worried about the ranking anymore. It is also helpful in finding out new keywords for your domain. It will also let you form a list which will help you in staying ahead of your competition. It will also make you aware of the keywords which are focused on by your competition. 

    Usual keyword research only gets you to a wide variety of keywords but with this step, you can get the reach or approach the wider variety but with filters. These filters make your work easier because you will be using keywords that are already famous. 

    Why should you use keyword gap analysis?

    For all the reasons that you should perform the keyword research add some more and you will find the reasons to do the keyword gap analysis. In this section, we will describe to you all the reasons for which you should use this method. First is that you can track your competition and mark their performance and use them to your profit. With this, you will be able to check your competitor’s landing page and also find your strategy by reading theirs. These tracked changes will also help you in finding the exact keyword for your post. 

    Now let’s check the best of the options in tools that will help you in keyword gap analysis:


    Semrush is a renowned application for keyword research but it is also impactful for keyword gap analysis too. 

    Rank Tracker

    You might be aware of this wonderful tool for SEO and keywords research but now you can easily use it for keyword gap analysis too. It will help in finding your competitor’s keyword. 


    One of the most popular SEO tools is Ahrefs which is a user-friendly tool. Check out this tool to get yourself started from the beginning. 


    After reading this blog you might be aware of the great uses and effects of keyword gap analysis for your blog post. It will give you an upper hand in the industry or the domain for which you are establishing your website. Do consider trying this method for the success of your website and blog posts. The above-mentioned tools are also effective and helpful in the process.


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