If you have owned a website for a while now or been into digital marketing you might have heard the term bounce rate. It is a common term that means or indicates that your website is having some problem in the quality, design, or speed. It could be any reason but the result is an increasing bounce rate. 

    Bounce rate basically means that when a visitor or a user visits your website but skips or jumps into another website instantly then it will increase the bounce rate. Mostly the visitors are not satisfied with the information or performance of your website due to which they jump right into the other page. 

    This indicates to Google that there is something not right or good with your website or page and they decrease your ranking. This will ultimately affect your conversion too. Below are some points that you can check which is going to help you in reducing the bounce rate.

    Making quality content

    One major and primary advice which you will hear from any expert related to your website or its performance is delivering good content. With quality content, you can gain more viewers and users. This will indicate the search engine and the viewers too about your website’s expertise in the matter. You don’t have to publish content daily but maintain consistency and try delivering engaging and informative content. 

    The right information in your blog

    While you are trying to post more consistently and always coming out with ideas for your content. It is also necessary that you have the information right. If you are serving half or wrong information then search engines, as well as the readers, are going to find out which is harmful to your website. 

    Keywords with good traffic

    It is necessary that you focus on the right keyword. Give time while researching the keyword. It is also beneficial if you use long-tail keywords because they tend to have less competition. When you are researching, include the keywords which have more traffic. This will increase your chances of ranking higher. 

    Focus on relevant audience

    When you are targeting the trending keywords for higher ranking and more traffic it is also necessary that you focus on the right keyword and audience. Try focusing on the relevant audience per your blog niche, or business. 

    Make your website faster

    One of the biggest reasons for the increased bounce rate is slow loading sites. This is a major turnoff for any visitor. With time human concentration has also lowered and this means that you have very little time to prove yourself. If during the first visit your site loading time is affecting the user experience then the viewer will leave your website and chances are they won’t visit it again.

    Focus on design

    This might seem absurd to you but it is as necessary as having quality content. Just as a visitor visits your website they have a look at your website. This means that will catch their attention. If your website is well designed then there are higher chances that a visitor will stick to it for longer and this will not increase your bounce rate. Try maintaining an aesthetic and keep it right for your niche. 

    To Conclude

    Bounce rate is highly effective on your website’s ranking and performance. You must keep a check on it. Bounce rate is mostly the result of the low-performing website or low-quality website. Many other reasons can affect or increase the bounce rate which is in the above blog. It is essential that you follow all of them, one step at a time, and you will be able to get over the bounce rate.


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