Due to digitalization, it has become much easier to reach an audience throughout the world. Every website aims for higher ranking and better traffic. But not all websites get that easily and especially not during the start of your website when it is very new. It is difficult to beat those websites which were there for a long time with digitalization. It is not only the websites that are becoming prominent but also the social media platforms too. They are easier and more entertaining. 

    Social media platforms are useful for all kinds of websites and business owners too. Every professional is making an impact on social media. One thing which is very difficult about social media is that it requires you to post every day. You cannot create engagement with the audience if you’re not constantly posting. But creating new content and posts every day is also not very easy. This is why you need to revive your older posts which got more traffic to continue getting traffic to your account.¬†

    You might be wondering that this is the advice we have heard before but the process of creating new tags and getting them published is draining. If that is your thought as well then you should consider the tool called revive social. This Revive Old Posts is a great tool used by many people for reviving the old post of their social media accounts. If you are unaware of this tool and its features then this is the blog that you need to read. In this blog, we will give you a review of what this tool is and its features that can help you in reviving your older posts.

    Features Offered By Revive Old Posts

    Revive Old Posts is a popular tool used by many users for recreating or republishing their older posts to gain more traffic to their social media accounts. You will get a filter feature that helps in filtering the tag of your social media to account alongside the taxonomies as well. You can use this tool to share the old posts of your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. 

    Though it is limited to the popular platforms only which are considered more useful to the users. If the post is published you can directly share that post in no time. You will have all the authority over the post that you are sharing off your social media accounts. It is a user-friendly tool and can be used by newbies as well. Whether you’re sharing old posts or new posts from your accounts they have autopilot on all the time. 

    Also, they even create the tags on themselves. It is a multilingual tool so when you want to share a post in your native language you won’t have to struggle for it. The main purpose of sharing old posts is to gain traffic. So if you sign this tool it will also let you track the traffic on your website to check the performance and results. They even provide rotational shared content features for your website. 

    Final Thoughts

    After reading this entire blog it is clear that you might have found it interesting or helpful for your social media platform which made you read it till the end. The features offered by these tools are truly amazing and can help your social media accounts in growing and gaining more traffic. You could face one problem with it: it is only for WordPress users. Otherwise, the features are great and have the free version which is also very useful to you. 


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