Many people who own a website, online business, or have some social influence are trying to spread themselves on YouTube as well. YouTube is one of the best platforms for video creation. 

    Many people are using it for marketing their profession and business too. It is not only a source for education and information but a prime source for entertainment as well. This is the reason why website owners and even bloggers have started to create YouTube videos as well. But this does not make the task easier. There comes another platform for which they will have to put in efforts. 

    With so many efforts which are included, the primary one is to embed videos to your blogs or your WordPress site. 

    Though you can easily do it through WordPress itself which is quite simple. You can embed those videos to WordPress with your blogs or other content. But they do not have any built-in back for helping in the difficult process of embedding. The embedding does not only include the videos but has other media files like posts, pop-ups, and photos as well. All these media files will be better embedded if you have the right tools or plugins to do so. 

    Among the pool of so many options available it is hard to choose one. With these plugins or tools, you will be able to sort all the problems related to the embedding. You will have a very smooth process in this way. For you, we have created a list in which you can easily get the best of the YouTube plugins for WordPress to make the process simpler for you. Let’s begin

    Smash Balloon YouTube Feed Pro

    Smash Balloon YouTube Feed Pro is an amazing feature for the YouTube plugin for WordPress. It is considered one of the most popular options among the list of YouTube plugins for WordPress. In this plugin, you can easily pick the videos and then create them in the perfect way you want them to be. It supports live streaming, customization, and caching features. 

    YouTube Showcase Plugin

    With the name itself, it is clear that this YouTube Showcase Plugin is highly curated for Youtube videos or content integration. With this plugin, you can also form a video presenting gallery which is amazing and creates a very attractive look for your videos. You can use it even if you are a beginner. There is no fuss about the processing part. You even get to keep the videos and content sectioned in categories. 

    EmbedPlus for YouTube

    EmbedPlus for YouTube is another amazing choice for a YouTube plugin. It is a highly popular YouTube plugin for WordPress. It is highly popular and is recommended by Professionals too. You can embed every type of YouTube content through this plugin. It provides you with features with which you can embed content like galleries, live streams, and videos. The channel and playlist embedding is a plus in it. They even offer amazing layouts and live chat too.

    Feeds for YouTube

    For anyone who needs an automatic feed for your videos, Feed for YouTube can be a great option for you. They have so many layouts which give their users a wide variety of options. These features are available for the free version. But if you require anything more than this you can shift to the premium version which offers filters and importing options for videos. 

    To Conclude

    The above-mentioned are some of the topmost options that will help you in getting the plugin game-high. You will be able to embed the video or other content more easily than ever. The process would not seem a daunting task to you. Whenever you are making the final decision, consider the performance and features too. This will protect your WordPress site’s speed and downtime. Keep your site optimized while you are posting YouTube videos.


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