SEO-optimized content is really important because they carry the content to a higher ranking and make the reach grow wider. This is one of the most important ways for your website’s success. By following this path you make it clear for the search engine to understand what your content is really about. 

    If this is not done then Google will be confused about the niche or topic of your content. In case you were not following this strategy then now is the time to get started with it and make your WordPress website shine. 

    For continuing with this process you will need some really good tools and apps to help you and your WordPress site to rank. One which we will discuss in this blog will be Semrush’s SEO writing assistant.¬†

    Semrush requires no introduction at all. Semrush has introduced a new tool of its own which is known as an SEO writing assistant. This is specifically curated for WordPress. The tool is effective for writing websites that have a bunch of writers or write-ups working for them. They should definitely check this out because it will be highly helpful for them. You won’t find many tools which will help you in the SEO process in such away. 

    The tool will provide you with assistance in analyzing your content and then providing some advice for making it better. This will increase your chances of ranking higher or even on the first page. 

    About the Tool

    SEO assistant tool by Semrush is a tool that helps in analyzing and executing. It will help you in analyzing the pages or sites which will be ranking higher on the web results. The Google search was impressed by their work and you as well can follow their footsteps and then follow their path. The tool will do the following things for you:

    • You will be able to check the score of your published content to get a better idea. 
    • LSI feature is the best one and is popularly used for the particular feature itself. 
    • It also helps you in finding out the right length of your article or the word count which is required. 
    • If your content has high quality but is not good for all kinds of readers then you need to know about that as well. It will provide you with the right score of readability of your content. 
    • You do not need any other tool because it has got your back for it all. You can even check the plagiarism with the help of this tool. 

    The above are some features that are amazing for any user but they are also going to launch some other new features soon. This means that you will be having some big things happening. If you are unaware of their features you can try it out. 

    How to use the Semrush SEO content writing WordPress assistant plugin?

    First of all, you will have to log in to your Semrush account. Then you will have to download the tool. Once it is downloaded you need to install it. Now go to the SEO writing assistant section. Get access to use the tool and optimize your new and old posts. After doing this insert your domain keywords and then generate the template. There are many sections of this tool but the


    Now you might have gotten a detailed idea about the Semrush SEO assistant tool for WordPress. This tool is extremely amazing for the ones who own a WordPress site and will benefit a lot from it. You can have the features available for you with easy and simple steps.


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