SEO is the most vital part of content takes a lot of effort to create content but then not applying the SEO optimization into that lessens its chances of ranking in the search engine. This makes it extremely difficult for some of the content creators to make their blog posts rank. But do not worry we have your back when it comes to SEO content optimization tools. This will increase your chances of spreading your content in search engines and other platforms. 

    With the help of our guide, you can easily get a higher ranking without having to spend your precious time and efforts building links, writing guest posts, and asking the sites to publish your links on their posts. 

    The tips that we are providing and the tools that we are suggesting are tried and tested and we ourselves have experienced the results. With the these tools and applications you will be able to get your posts rank in the search engine organically without having to make additional efforts. These tools are necessary for the plug-in, buttons, optimization, and indexing.

    If these things are missing from your blog post then this will make it harder for viewers to stay on your page. Let’s see what are the useful tools that will help you in making your content optimized for search engines:

    Hemingway Editor

    Hemingway Editor is surely the real Hemingway in the content optimization tools list. It helps the creator in tracking the complex sentences to make them more readable for the viewers. This helps in proofreading and making the article and the sentences easier to read. You can use its free version and if you want to upgrade then you can also switch to the premium version which will cost you $19.99

    Semrush writing assistant

    Semrush is one of the most widely used SEO optimization tools which is popular for its features. Semrush SEO writing assistant (SWA) provides instant content optimization recommendations and also checks the SEO potential of content in real-time. It is a go-to tool for many users and we can object. It is accessible through the Semrush web app to use its WordPress plugin. In it you will be able to identify and give advice based on that, like, words count, readability level, adding backlinks. 


    Textmetrics is a wonderful tool for quality improvement. It is an amazing tool for content writing and enhancement. You can even properly perform your copywriting tasks on it. It even directs the user with its machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

    Yoast SEO 

    Yoast SEO is a primary SEO tool for WordPress users especially. It is basically used for on-site and on-page plugins. But it’s not limited to that because you can easily perform social media optimization as well on it. 


    Any content writer in this world is not unaware of Grammarly‘s existence. It is a one-destination solution for them. You can edit, correct grammar, spelling errors, or check readability scores on this application. It can be used in almost all platforms from Android, iOS to desktops. 

    To conclude

    For anyone who is into content creation of any kind, they do need the right SEO tools for the optimization of the content. In this article, we included the best SEO content tools for optimization. These tools will help to make your content SEO optimized by doing the right research, analysis, and execution. There are many types of tools that we explained in the article so you can pick any of them for your use. There are both paid and free versions of many tools which you can decide on your budget and feature preferences.


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