Blogging has become a mighty option these days starting from marketing ideas to business setup blogs you get blogs for basically everything. Some used to believe that the blogging career was dead, but it is nowhere to be true. Blogging is thriving more every day. Many individuals have started it as their career preference. Instead of working in a 9-5 job, they prefer working for themselves as a blogger. 

    Blogging has a lot of passive income. But gone are the days when anyone could start as a blogger. Now you need to have a passive income source that will work even while you are sleeping. Let’s see some blogging ideas and how you can market your blogs:

    1.Promote it on other platforms

    The easiest and most basic way is to promote the blog on other platforms as well. This comes as one of the most relevant blogging tips in the lot. You cannot expect a blog to rank or get recognition without promoting it on other platforms. It is extremely necessary to get better marketing for your blog. You can promote it on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter. All these platforms are quite prevalent and can get you a better marketing.

    2.Guest posting is also helpful

    Guest posting is another powerful way of marketing. You can guest post on other sites with backlinks to your site. It is highly used by new and growing bloggers. It can be both free and paid depending on the site you are guest posting on. It can be done in monetary terms or in return for content. Earlier many bloggers used to post guest posts on any random site but now Google has changed the algorithm. It is now necessary that the site has quality content and a good ranking. 

    3.Create it for your audience first

    One thing that I put a lot of emphasis on is making content that is worthy for your readers or your audience. Create content that can be informative for your audience. This makes the quality of the content higher and more worthy for your audience.

    4.Connect with the peers 

    When you are in an industry it is necessary that you keep a connection with other bloggers as well. This will keep you updated with the recent programs and deals that they are using for their blogging site.

    5.Be active on social media 

    You are working in the online industry. It becomes mandatory to become socially active in order to gain more viewers and audiences. To create a community you will need to keep in contact with all the users. You may help them with the queries related to your niche, conduct a quick Q&A session or give them some challenges. These will keep your old audience retained and can also create the convenient stage to have inbound marketing for your blogging website.

    6.Make yourself known as a blogger

    While you are promoting your blog it is necessary that you also promote yourself as a blogger in the eyes of people. This will provide you and your blogging site the right recognition that is needed. It will make you a brand as well that can be linked to the blogging site. This creates higher chances of brand awareness which can get better marketing for your website. 

    7.Search engine optimization is necessary

    For any kind of marketing and promotion, SEO plays a highly crucial role. It is an effective way of digital marketing that has everyone’s attention. From small-scale bloggers to large-scale bloggers all of them are effectively using SEO techniques to market their blogs. It can work for newbies as well because it is simple to apply. 

    Wrapping up

    In this blog, we explained all the marketing ideas for your blog in 2021. Above mentioned ways are the most effective ways to promote your blog to get higher rankings and even monetize it in different ways.


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