With digitalization, many new things have taken place this decade. It is not a surprise to see many new thighs coming this year as a new trend in this digitalization print the web world. The current trend which is bringing out many different things for social media is podcasts, which are the audio version of storytelling. The only difference is it does not have a video or you don’t have to read it anymore. Reading is not fun anymore for my people. They don’t want to spend a lot of time reading an article, instead; they want to go for audio files during their break or travel time to save energy and time and learn about various things. 

    You might have noticed many of the blogging sites and websites are giving audio versions of their articles. If you are also thinking of doing the same but worrying about the high cost that comes with it then you should try the text-to-speech WordPress plugins. They are simple to use and affordable too. If you’re wondering which of the plugins that you should choose then this is the right blog for you. In this blog we will enlist for you all the best WordPress plugins for converting the text into speech in no time:

    Play. ht

    Play.ht is the number one plugin in his list. It is not only our primary choice but also for professional content creators. You can actually get great results with this plugin in no time. It is an affordable option. All the users who are looking for an efficient plugin option but don’t want to invest much in the right way can consider this option. 


    ResponsiveVoice is a specially curated plugin for WordPress users for adding voice and audio to their website and content. It is an HTML-based product that can be accessed through many devices, making it a flexible choice. The plugin even has a variety of language support, which goes around 51 languages, which is a promising number. 

    Screen Reader

    A Screen Reader is just the perfect plugin for the text-to-speech task. It has all the influential features which a TTS plugin should provide. You can easily adjust the font and its size as per the readability level of dyslexia people, making it more dynamic. It also provides various customizations to its users and gives them an experience of reading without any issues. 

    Say It

    For anyone who is on a search for a plugin that not only gives great results but is also user-friendly and beginner-friendly while providing great sound quality, then the option for their primary pick should be Say It. The plugin is free and also offers ways in which you can use coding for inserting more language options. 

    AWS for WordPress

    We all know that there is no such service or product which can match the quality of AWS, especially for the WordPress features. AWS for WordPress will give your content creation a quality turn with great sound quality and no interruption. You can even submit podcasts through this plugin. This plugin gets better because it can also support multiple languages and even provide natural voices through deep learning. 

    Final words

    If you were thinking before reading this blog that it will be extremely difficult to convert an article into an audio file then you might be relieved by now. The options mentioned in this list are affordable as well as effective. It will make a non-coder feel empowered with the simple structures and dashboard of the plugin. 


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