Having a business or website means a lot of tasks and projects. We all know how difficult it is to handle a task, and when you have to tackle multiple tasks at a time, then it is even more daunting. It becomes extremely difficult to arrange all the things at once. But if you start managing and organizing every task and track the completion, then you can benefit a lot from this. You can enhance the creativity, productivity, and performance of your tasks and project. 

    I have seen a lot of people arguing over this matter. But it is definitely a thing that needs to be done at a time, otherwise, it will start impacting your performances. If you are also wondering how you can deal with this problem of organizing events and tasks but will not need to spend anything, then you should check out the tool Trello.

    It doesn’t matter which kind of business, entrepreneurship firm or website you own. You can always use this option regardless of the size of your business. It is considered by even professionals. This blog will explain to you everything about it so you can think of giving this option a try. At the end of this blog, you will be convinced of using this app because of its features and the plus point that it is free. 

    Though the tool is not very new, it is even popular among many users. It is widely used for organizations. Not only the task, but the event and the calendar for your blogs or content can also be scheduled with this application. Let’s begin to know more about it:


    After knowing about the app, check its features which are useful for you. For initials, it has the feature g boards which will help you in organizing. Then columns, cards, and lists will provide you with better bifurcation, which is also good for creating a checklist. They also provide the facility of power up and label searching. You can set the notification and boards by customization. 

    Pros And Cons

    Among many of its features, it is not hard to find its advantages. First of all, the application has a free version which will be very beneficial for the newbies and freshers. When you see the interface of this app, you will find it very intuitive for users. Even the customization and flexibility of this application are very commendable, which gives you more control over the functioning.

    The major disadvantage of this application is that it requires switching to the premium version for getting better results for the tracking process and completing the billing. You don’t even get swimlanes in this app.  

    Final Verdict

    Trello is truly an amazing option for managing and organizing projects. You can easily start using it because of the user-friendly feature that it has. You do not have to worry if your organization’s task is for big projects or small projects. You can just go with it because it is made for organizing all scales of tasks. Some of its users have been using it for a long time. Though they have a free plan which is very useful and provides many features, you might want to switch to the premium one as well. 

    If you manage to invite enough users to the tool or this software, then you might be able to enjoy the premium version as well. This is a golden chance for using the premium feature without having to spend anything. The free version of the tool is great, but it still requires certain addons for which reason people are willing to go for the paid version. It depends on your requirements which en you want to use. But the tool is really helpful in organizing the tasks and projects. It is surely worth giving a try. 


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