Digitalization has brought a lot of changes to human life. The websites are growing and taking up the online market for businesses too. But with this, the need for understanding technology and finding easier ways to understand and deal with websites also increases. If you own a website, then you might know about website translation as well. It helps you in reading and translating the websites. 

    Some of the website owners might not know about it but that is not a problem. This translation of a website is done with the help of a translation plugin which you use for websites. There are plenty of plugins in the market which you can try but in this blog, we will be discussing the Weglot WordPress plugin, which has made a kind of reputation for itself in this field. It is popularly known for the effectiveness of this process and final results. It is a premium plugin that is also used by big-scale and professional websites. To know more about this plugin let’s go further in this blog:

    What exactly is Weglot?

    Weglot was formed in 2016, which was considered a small assignment that grew to be a widely useful and popular plugin. It was discovered in France as a translation plugin that was not integrated into any company. It was an independent project. It is used so widely because of its user-friendly nature, which makes even beginners use and understand it. You can even choose from the variety of languages that they translate the website into and then simply get the translation in an easy and simple way. 

    Features that make it useful

    There are many features that Weglot offers which transition plugin will ever require. Let’s start by getting information about those features and their usefulness for you:

    • The plugin is easy to use. The only step that requires effort is installing it. Then, after the configuration, it is ready to use. After the installation and approval, the menu is created, which gives your user the option to choose the language. You don’t even have to install different packs for different languages into this plugin. 
    • While owning a website is a task in itself, integrating your tools, software, and plugin with other kinds of platforms is also hectic. But Weglot has a very simple integration. You can use any kind of platform. The people who have more than one website are in more benefit. They can translate all those websites with the same pro pack. 
    • They have the visual editor system as well, which is a kind of automated translation form. This will free you from the task of translation. Just click on the visual editor, then it will complete the task on the frontend without your help. 

    Reasons to Avoid it

    Looking at the features and usefulness of the plugin for the website translation, it’s a little difficult to avoid using it. But here are a few reasons due to which some of the users do not want to use it. The first one is that despite having a free plan, it is not that satisfying to sue. Limited features sometimes make you shift to the premium version. The other one is that when you don’t have a subscription to the plugin, then you won’t be able to check the previous translation anymore. 

    Final Thoughts

    We got an amazing translation plugin that is useful for all kinds of websites, even WordPress or Shopify websites. This comes in a variety of languages and can be used by almost anyone, being easier than most of the plugins. It is a premium plugin. This does not mean that it does not have a free plan, but the free plan is limited, which makes it obvious to upgrade it to a premium. This can be a bit of an expense for beginners. But considering its features and effectiveness is a full-fledged website translation plugin that provides almost every requirement to its users.


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